EastEnders fans “rumble Linda’s revenge against Janine” as she ‘fakes amnesia

Linda Carter, EastEnders’ Linda Carter, regained consciousness Wednesday’s episode and said that she had no memories of the car accident which nearly killed her.

EastEnders viewers have asked Linda Carter if she is plotting a secret revenge on Janine Butcher, her love rival, on the BBC soap.

The character was woken by doctors on Wednesday, one week after the car accident that nearly killed her.

Janine Butcher was driving the car and lost control as the pair argued over Mick Carter.

Janine suffered minor injuries in the accident, but she did the impossible and pulled Linda, a lifeless, into the driver’s seat to make it appear like she was driving.

Then, she poured alcohol all over the car to make it appear that Linda was drunk while driving with Annie, her baby girl.

EastEnders viewers were curious if Linda Carter was planning to exact revenge on Janine Butcher, her love rival.



Janine then fled, and Scarlett is the only one who knows the truth.

The Carters begged Linda to explain the crash, and she eventually regained consciousness.

Linda’s family was warned that she could die from a critical injury and that she may suffer brain damage if she survives.

In the latest episode she was woken up and quickly admitted she had lost all her memories from the moment Nancy, her daughter, left the car.

EastEnders Linda Carter was able to regain consciousness on Wednesday’s episode and stated that she had no memories of the car accident.



Linda confessed to drinking at that point. The family believed she was driving and were shocked that she likely drove while drunk.

Janine thought Linda was about to reveal her crime to her family. Linda actually looked at Janine like she had recalled something.

Linda quickly claimed that she didn’t remember the accident and her family refused to be present in the room.

Janine left the scene without speaking the truth and Linda continued to sob.

Janine Butcher was driving the car and lost control of the vehicle while they were fighting over Mick Carter.



Viewers have wondered if Linda was lying. Or, perhaps Linda knew Janine’s actions and was plotting a revenge.

One viewer tweeted: “I’m hoping Linda got her memory back when she saw Janine and is faking her amnesia and that when she gets home, she starts messing with the Carters and Janine to get even at Christmas?”

Another agreement: “Linda’s definitely bluffing. She remembers Janine there,”As a third fan, he wrote: “The way Linda looked at Janine then. I think she remembers but won’t say anything for now.”

A fourth viewer commented: “I think Linda knows about Janine,”A fifth viewer also said the same thing, saying: “Tick tock Janine Linda knows everything and biding her time.”

EastEnders is broadcast Mondays through Thursdays at 7:30pm via BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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