Duggars Believe Jeremy Vuolo is Horribly Old, See Photos

Fans of Duggar are stunned at how much Jeremy Vuolo’s career has changed in the last few years. The former Counting On The star is now almost 35 years of age. Now that an old photo has resurfaced, it’s clear to fans just how much he has aged. Continue reading for all the details. Scroll down to view the photo in question, and to read the comments from fans.

Jinger and Jeremy frequently post photos of their own on social media. They recently launched a YouTube channel. So even though Counting on was canceled, fans still get plenty of glimpses into the couple’s lives.

Over the years, they have been able to witness their growth. But fans are shocked by Jeremy Vuolo’s transformation.

Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo take a trip back in time.

On her Instagram StoriesJinger took his fans on a trip down memory lane this week. Jinger joined the trend after many users shared throwback photos of their loved ones and Jinger followed suit.

Below you will see the photo she shared with Jeremy Vuolo. Jinger doesn’t reveal what year the photo is from, but it looks like it may be from their early days of marriage or possibly when they were courting. They were married in November 2016.

They have now had two children and they live in Los Angeles.

You can see that he still has a lot of hair.

Jinger Vuolo Instagram (Jeremy Vuolo)

Duggar fans think he’s aged horribly.

On RedditCritics and fans are discussing how Jeremy Vuolo aged in the last few decades. They aren’t sure what’s made him age so poorly, but they definitely notice a difference.

Reddit user says “Men always talk about women ‘hitting the wall’ but I’ve yet to see a couple where the guy has aged better than the woman.”

Someone else says, “Damn. It’s only been 7 years but his aging… woof.”

Some people say he aged like milk. Others compare him to leftovers from their refrigerator.

Below is a recent photo of Jeremy Vuolo. This photo was taken shortly after he shaved his head. He seems so different, fans think.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo, YouTube

Do you think Jeremy Vuolo is showing signs of age? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and then come back to Television Shows Ace For more Duggar family news, click here.

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