Driver Performs Donuts in LA Chase – Los Angeles

On Thursday night, a dangerous pursuit of a black sedan came to an abrupt halt in South Los Angeles. A driver drove through the LA area doing donuts and driving erratically after leading police.

The pursuit started in Glendale, and quickly led to Chinatown. There, the driver did several donuts at Alameda Street and East Caesar E. Chavez Avenue.

The driver stayed in the same areas of East Los Angeles, Boyle Heights, and Chinatown as the other drivers.

The driver spent most of the chase on the streets, but he then moved onto the eastbound 10 Freeway or eastbound 60 Freeway, before returning to the streets.

The driver flashed his lights and turned on his hazard light throughout the pursuit.

The driver continued to accelerate through the narrow streets of Leimert park, where officers attempted a PIT maneuver. The PIT maneuver proved unsuccessful, and the driver continued to drag the bumper behind him.

CHP officers were capable of finding the driver’s residence and getting in touch with their families.

The driver drove back to their home where family members and officers were waiting.


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