Drake Gives Heartfelt Support To Tyson Fury Ahead Of Deontay Wilder Fight


Tyson Fury has shared a video sent over to him by Drake ahead of his upcoming fight against Deontay Wilder.

Following a postponement earlier in the year after Fury tested positive for COVID-19, the self-proclaimed Gypsy King is set to face off with Wilder tonight, October 9.

The highly-anticipated Vegas rematch comes after Fury previously beat the American boxer to become WBC champion.

Tyson Fury (Alamy)Alamy

Now, Fury has shared a video sent to him by none other than Drake ahead of tonight’s fight.

In a video shared to Twitter, the In My Feelings singer refers to Fury as ‘the most psycho man I know’, clarifying, ‘he’s mad in his head but has the purest heart.

Drake then goes on to praise Fury, 33, as being the ‘nicest guy’ and a ‘gypsy king’, as well as ‘the scariest man in boxing’.

Sharing his heartfelt support for the two-time world heavyweight champ, Drake continued:

I wish you the best of luck this weekend brother. I want you to just go out there and continue the legacy. Do what you do. We all love you because you’re relentlessly yourself.

So go out there, get the work done, and then afterwards f*cking sing your heart out or say whatever the f*ck you want to say.

Drake went on to tell Fury ‘we’re all so proud of you’, thanking him for ‘always staying in contact’ with him and opening up about how Fury has given him ‘encouragement’ and ‘inspiration’ over the years.

He concluded, ‘Looking forward to seeing the end result this weekend. Wishing you the best, always.’

In response to the rallying message, a confident Fury tweeted:

Trust me Drake, once I’m done with him he’ll be running through Alabama with his woes! God Bless You G

You can catch Fury’s hotly-anticipated Las Vegas clash against Wilder this evening (Saturday, October 9).


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