Dr. Terry Dubrow in tears after botched first

Tonight’s BotchedOne for the books. 

The E! show’s seven-season run, Dr. Terry DubrowDuring a consultation with a patient, I broke down in tears. 

The patient’s name is SerenaCanadian singer, 22-year-old.

“At 16 years old, I decided to transition to a woman by taking hormone replacement therapy,”She confessed. “Hormones can make you look more feminine but they can’t do everything that plastic surgery can do for you.”

As a result, she’s since had a breast augmentation, a rhinoplasty, Botox and fillers in her check, chin and lips. Visit the Botched docs, she hoped that they could not only fix her mishandled boob job, but increase the size of her breasts as well. 

However, Dr. Dubrow wasn’t immediately moved by this. When Serena spoke about her childhood, his reaction was actually quite unexpected.

“I loved my parents,”She shared her story with the surgeons. “I always had a really great relationship with them…Anything I wanted to do, very accepting. I’m so thankful I had that because I have friends who had different situations, like being kicked out or told not to do what they’re doing. And it sucked.”


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