‘DOGust 1st’ Shelter dogs celebrate their birthday

Monday is a great day to honor the shelter dog in you life. Shelter dogs celebrate their universal ceremonial birthday on the first of August. “DOGust 1st.”

Every year thousands of dogs are adopted by shelters in the United States. Many are placed in new homes without knowing their birthdays or how to celebrate them. The universal birthday for shelter dogs was chosen by the largest non-kill shelter in the country in 2008 as Aug. 1.

According to NationalToday.comNorth Shore Animal League America chose the day to honor shelter dogs who add so much to their owners’ lives.

Local shelters use this day to get more dogs adopted into permanent homes and clear out space.

Santa Monica Animal Shelter is one organization that celebrates the holiday by making it known about the many animals available for adoption. Shelter officials claim that more than 20 cats and ten dogs are currently in dire need of permanent homes.

Anyone hoping to celebrate DOGust 1 by bringing home a new member of the family should reach out to the Santa Monica Shelter (or another shelter near you) to see how you can make a shelter dog’s birthday extra special.

Santa Monica Animal Shelter is located on 1640 9th Street. They are open Tuesday-Saturday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., or by appointment. Contact us for more information. Click here.


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