Dog Mauling Seriously Injures Woman in Sylmar – Los Angeles

After being mauled by a Sylmar dog attack for 19 minute, a 49 year-old woman was left seriously injured.

Two dogs attack the woman in front of a gate that leads to the backyard where the dogs live. This is home surveillance footage.

“One officer fired two rounds at one of the two dogs, from an approximate distance of 30 feet away, striking the animal in the torso,”Michel Moore, chief of the Los Angeles Police Department said.

Animal services adopted the second dog.

“The victim sustained numerous puncture wounds and deep lacerations,”Moore stated.

Neighbors speculate that the woman might have been a relative who was dog-sitting.

“I just think it’s a case of bad luck, bad circumstances, bad timing,”Max Moran was a friend of the dog’s owner. “It’s horrible she got hurt like that. It’s bad that the dog had to get killed. It’s bad that policeman had to shoot the dog. There’s nothing good about this.”

The neighbors claimed that they have never seen the dogs roaming in the neighborhood and didn’t know what might have caused the attack.


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