Dog is compared with Peaky Blinders’ Tommy Shelby, after wearing a stylish flat cap

Albie, a Westie-cross pug, was gifted a flat cap at Christmas. His followers now think that he should be a TV celebrity because of his stylish appearance

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The Office’s character in the hat looks like a family member in stitches: Family and dog get in stitches

After his owner purchased him a novelty accessory, a Westie cross was told that he could have been an additional in many well-known TV shows.

Shannon Kennedy purchased Albie, a West Highland Terrier cross pug. His fans believe he should be a star on Peaky Blinders’ next season.

The Newcastle-based 28-year-old thought the dog looked just like Jim Halpert. John Krasinski played the fictional character in The Office’s US version. “Why does he look like Jim Halpert?”

The VideoCaption reads: “We got Albie a flat cap for Christmas. He can now match his dads for walks.”

Albie getting his photo taken in his new B&M flatcap


TikTok @shannonkennedy_)

Albie could be seen sitting beneath the Christmas tree wearing his newest accessory – which was from B&M – while having his photo taken.

Followers described Albie as a “distinguished gentleman”He suggested that he could be “Tommy Shelby’s doggo’ in Peaky Blinders.

Another suggested: “He could be an extra for Still Game,” the long-running Scottish sitcom from 2002.

“The most northern dog ever, love it,” one added.

Albie isn’t the only pampered pup to have his own fashion staples – in fact, one woman has spent nearly £2,000 on wardrobe accessories for her dog.

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Biscuit, a dachshund named Biscuit, has 43 pairs of shoes, 47 pairs of sunglasses and takes pictures that are shared with his 17,000 Instagram fans.

The five-year-old dog, from Piatra Neamț, in Romania, also has a whole wardrobe of colour coordinated clothes with matching hats, wigs and collars.

He has more shoes than his owner Lavi Roz and her fiancé put together – with Lavi having 19 pairs and her fiancé with 11.

The dog’s stylish outfit even includes a pair Swarovski crystal-encrusted Crocs.

Another couple, Lauren Knight, 20, and Ryan Carroll, 22, spend more than £800 on their pomeranians, Milo and Mimi, this Christmas.

The pair from Ashford, Kent, wanted to make sure they were kitted out in the latest designer gear for the festive season, including £260 engraved Louis Vuitton collars.

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