Dodgers’ Broadcaster Joe Davis Named Fox’s Baseball Voice After Joe Buck Leaves – Los Angeles

Joe Davis is not a stranger to the success of legendary baseball voices.

He replaced Vin Scully as Hall of Fame announcer on the Los Angeles Dodgers Telecasts in 2017. He has since been recognized as one of the best broadcasters in the sport.

Davis will have to succeed another big name. On Friday, Davis was named Fox Sports’ lead baseball play-by-play announcer.

Davis takes over for Joe Buck, who left Fox for ESPN’s “Monday Night Football.” Buck was Fox’s lead baseball announcer since the network started televising games in 1996, calling 24 World Series and 22 All-Star Games.

When it comes to his new position with Fox, Davis said he would take the same approach he did with the Dodgers — he is following Buck, rather than replacing him.

“I’m going to try to be myself,” Davis said. “I think Joe’s the greatest of this generation. He is the man I grew to listen to. When Fox acquired the World Series in 1996, I was only eight- or nine years old. I already knew what I wanted to be when I saw it. Joe did the job that I dreamed about one day. So you know, it’s heady stuff for me.

“Because of the person that was in the chair before me, that’s part of what makes the job so special. That’s part of what makes it such a great responsibility.”

Davis’ debut as Fox’s top voice will be May 28. After playing with Tom Verducci, Ken Rosenthal and John Smoltz last season, Davis is familiar with their work. Davis also called Davis the final game in the 2020 National League Championship Series.

Davis, 34 years old, joined Fox Sports to call college football, basketball and baseball. For two years, he was employed at ESPN. At 25 years old, he called the 2013 Poinsettia bowl and became the youngest announcer for an ESPN bowl game.

Brad Zager, the President of Production/Operations and Executive Producer of Fox Sports, certainly wasn’t expecting to name a new baseball announcer two months ago, but unprecedented movement among top announcers has allowed Davis a chance to move into the lead role.

“We felt extremely confident in a very short amount of time once the reality set in that Joe Buck was leaving that we’ve had the right guy in house being groomed for this for a while now,”Zager. “Joe Davis had those opportunities the last few years to fill in on big events, and he’s nailed it. He’s proven to Dodger fans on a daily basis how good of a baseball broadcaster he is. We know he’s ready.”

Davis stated that he did not get involved in the Buck departure rumors, but waited until March to find out. Davis was told by Zager during the Pac-12 Basketball Tournament he would be the second leading voice in Fox baseball history.

Davis will continue to be a broadcaster for SportsNet LA and Fox. This year’s All-Star Game will be at Dodger Stadium on July 19.

“The World Series is obviously this dream come true. But then you start thinking about the other stuff like the All-Star Game and the Field of Dreams game. I’m pinching myself about those things, too,” Davis said. “I daydream a little bit about the All-Star Game and the introductions and the guys lining up along the baselines and getting to introduce them. I’m gonna have so many pinch me moments this year and the years to come.”

Zager confirmed that talks continue regarding the new NFL lead team in regard to the opening Troy Aikman and Buck created at Fox. Kevin Burkhardt is expected take over the role of play-by-play.


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