Disruption to last until Saturday as Central & Victoria line drivers strike over night shifts

Why is there a strike?

The ongoing dispute is over the night shifts that drivers will be required to work to enable the restart of the Night Tube. Since the start of the pandemic it has been suspended, but was due to resume in the early hours of Saturday , November 27, 2021, for the first time.

The Night Tube was ditched in March 2020 so more trains could run during the day to increase social distancing, but following the murder of Sarah Everard, thousands signed a petition to bring it back amid concerns for women’s safety.

The RMT claim that the workloads being forced on Tube drivers would wreck their work-life balance by “bulldozing through additional night and weekend working”. But TfL say that the changes have been agreed by other unions and would bean that drivers have to work four night shifts per year.

A strike is taking place on Friday, December 3, (evening and overnight) and Saturday, December 4, (evening and overnight) from 8.30pm until 4.29am the next day:

TfL hopes that the Night Tube will still be able to run but have admitted there are likely to be fewer trains than they hoped.


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