Disneyland opening ‘Tale of the Lion King’Show, more Celebrate Soulfully attractions

A celebration of Black culture and heritage was announced by Disneyland representatives just months after Celebrate Soulfully was first announced. Shared by park officialsThey will continue to celebrate the occasion into the summer with a brand-new DJ “Tale of the Lion King”Show debuting in the next month

Inspiration from the Disney classic “Tale of the Lion King”On May 28, the Fantasyland Theatre will show the original film. The story will be told by a traveling troupe who tell the tale of the cub that became a king in pride lands. New dialogue, choreography, and musical arrangements will be used in the show. They pay homage to the original film, while honoring the legacy of the original. “cultural roots of this timeless story.”

‘Tale of the Lion King’Show debuts at Disneyland in May. (Disney Parks)

The show will also be available at the Troubadour Tavern, where guests can try new menu items. These new delights will be available on May 28.

Disneyland California Adventure Park will feature live music from June featuring music from iconic Black artists, as well as music genres from Doo-Wop and Motown. The performances range from the 1920s through today. This live entertainment will be performed by the acapella group The Philly Phonics and will be available at Anaheim Park through July 4.

After a national tour, Disneyland finally has the ability to bring the Disneyland experience to you. “The Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure”Downtown Disney exhibit tour in June

Disneyland opening ‘Tale of the Lion King’Show, more Celebrate Soulfully attractions
“The Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure”Exhibit going to Disneyland (Credit Disney Parks).

Fresh off stops in New Orleans, Harlem, and Kansas City, the touring exhibit will be available to all resort guests and Downtown Disney visitors to learn about the history of jazz, R&B, Motown, Doo-Wop and more. The display will also inspire live DJs who will be present on Saturdays and Sundays from July 3 through 4.

“The Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure”The Star Wars Trading Post is just across the street.


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