Disney pays $100K to a woman who claimed she was bitten at her hotel by bedbugs

After she claimed she was bitten multiple times by bedbugs during her stay at Disneyland Hotel, Disney agreed to pay $100,000.

Ivy Eldridge stated that she was at the hotel with family in April 2018 when she was bitten. According to the lawsuit she was suffering from anxiety and emotional stress due to the bites that left her with severe skin rashes and caused her to lose clothing and other personal belongings.

According to the lawsuit, Disney was accused of failing to maintain its rooms in a “decent, safe and habitable condition.”

Disney said that the Los Angeles TimesKTLA was informed by Disney that the settlement was made in an effort not to go to court. Disney stated that the company takes great care to keep its hotels free from pest infestations.

Brian Virag of Encino, a bedbug lawyer, represented Eldridge during her lawsuit. He claimed that bedbugs were the cause of her lawsuit. “don’t discriminate”They can be found at any hotel, of any quality, anywhere in the world.

“Bedbug infestations are perhaps the most serious issue facing the hotel industry because of the harm they can do to a hotel’s reputation and brand,”Virag made the announcement in a news release.

The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Trial was set for April 8, but it was settled before that date in March.


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