Disney Parks Surprise: Buzz Lightyear Celebrates ‘Lightyear’ Release

Those who saw Buzz Lightyear recently in Tomorrowland noticed he looked somewhat different. To commemorate the theatrical release of Disney/Pixar’s Lightyear, Disney Parks has replaced the toy character with a face version of the Space Ranger for Disneyland Park.

Official Disney site Laughing Place social media page announced the change this week. Buzz isn’t just a photo of someone wearing a spacesuit.

You can see the character greeting guests in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland. You may occasionally find him outside of the Galactic Grill, near the Tomorrowland Terrace. This Captain Buzz Lightyear is based upon the “real”Buzz Lightyear, voiced by Tim Allen in the computer-animated movie that inspired this toy. Pixar’s star Pixar action figure has been a familiar face to fans. Toy Story With his friend Woody, he has been a franchisee for over 25 year.

Buzz Lightyear meets and greets are not new. Toy Story fans have been meeting him at Magic Kingdom since the 1980s. He used to meet Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, but he was greeted by fans from Tomorrowland due to COVID restrictions. 

Buzz appears to be more of a toy character than a real one in Disney Parks. Buzz’s head can be seen as a face character. Buzz’s spacesuit is different from his signature purple space cap with wings and classic purple space cap. It has more realistic accents than the Toy Story style and doesn’t have the traditional purple/green color scheme. A set of buttons and a dial are located on Buzz’s chest. The logo for Star Command is also included. His name is also inscribed on the panel, similar to a nametag.

Disney Parks’ Buzz voice isn’t evocative of the iconic Tim Allen character nor Chris Evans’ portrayal. However, he’s still in character as an alien astronaut seeking intelligent life. Much like the movie, Toy Story protagonist.

There’s also speculation that the Tomorrowland attraction could get a permanent Lightyear update. Space Mountain at Disneyland could be remodeled as part of Tomorrowland’s ongoing renovations. Lightyear film. This film clearly shows the structure which seems to support this rumor.


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