Diego Simeone lets his emotions be known when asked by Pep Guardiola if he has disrespected them

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City beat Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid. This was a heated clash with the Argentine offering a sly dig about his counterpart

Pep Guardiola defeated Diego Simeone at the Champions League

Diego Simeone gave a confused response to Pep Guardiola’s question about whether he had disrespected him.

Atletico Madrid boss Felipe could not manage a second leg comeback in their Champions League final eight tie. Felipe was given a red card after Felipe’s team performed every trick possible.

City brought with it a first-leg advantage at the Etihad, after Kevin De Bruyne scored the goal that would prove to be decisive in the tie. The quarter-final was described as a clash of styles. Simeone was defeated by Guardiola’s dominant possession-based and dominant approach. Simeone is known for his defensive sucker punch.

Simeone had won the 2016 European title, but Simeone was victorious in 2016. When asked if he thought his counterpart was disrespectful, the Argentine seemed to be adamant about that school of thought while suggesting Guardiola’s comments had wrangled him.

Simeone said: “I don’t have to have that sort of opinion. I don’t think he will talk badly or talk well. Often, people who talk really well, and are really clever, they manage to praise you with contempt. But those of us who perhaps have a smaller vocabulary are not so stupid either.”

City had to dig deeper in the second half as they maintained their one goal lead. Atletico sought an equaliser and the visitors took a different approach to their usual play style. Simeone was asked by the media if he felt that the English side adopted some tactics. “I think football has a lot of different facets and it’s not my place to say if our rivals were playing well or not, or what kind of football they were playing.”

Man City beat out its Spanish rivals


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Guardiola discredited the notion that Guardiola was critical of his opponents, insisting that his colleague can use any tactics he likes. “I have only ever had good words to say about him,” said the City boss. “He can play however he wants, of course. I would never say otherwise. All I said was that it is very hard. And they know how to do that better than anyone in the world.”

The Argentine, who was later booked, also retorted against suggestions that he was sarcastically applauding guests, but instead claimed he was trying get the home crowd to cheer him on. “I never applauded the rival bench or our rivals,”He concluded. “I was applauding our fans in one side of the stadium and the other side of the stadium. I was applauding everyone who was behind us for the whole of the 90 minutes and I wanted to give them my thanks.

“Our players were giving the people that energy and the people were giving it back, but of course we couldn’t give them what we all wanted which was going through.”

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