Did Khloe Kardashian’s Ex Tristan Thompson Threaten Baby Mama?

Khloe Kardashian’s ex, Tristan Thompson recently appeared to threaten his alleged baby mama Maralee Nichols.

At the heart of that supposed threat was an attempt to get her to drop her paternity lawsuit against him in exchange for $75,000. The threat stems from his allegedly claiming that she won’t see that much money if he’s ordered by the court to pay her child support.

In a text purportedly sent by the Sacramento Kings player to the personal trainer, obtained by Page Six, the player urged Nichols to take the money he was offering because she’d get far less under Texas law. Texas is where the case is taking place.

“You know how I feel,” the message read. “My feelings haven’t changed at all. Won’t be involved at all. Btw if you think having this baby is gonna make you some money. It’s completely wrong.”

Khloe Kardashian’s ex then claimed he was retiring in 2022. That’s the main reason why he thinks Maralee won’t be getting the kind of money she’s envisioning.

“You are aware that I’m retiring after this season,” the text continued. “So in terms of support it will be whatever is required monthly for someone who’s unemployed. It’s Texas so it will be only a couple hundred dollars. So you better off taking this 75k I’m offering cause you won’t get nothing near that with having a kid with a father who’s unemployed.”

Khloe Kardashian’s Ex Doesn’t Really Understand The Law

It should be pointed out that Thompson doesn’t appear to have a great grasp on how paternity law works. There’s no indication that the courts wouldn’t take his amassed NBA wealth into account.

Of course, it’s possible this was just another attempt to intimidate Nichols. There’s another reason why Tristain Thompson’s Texas reasoning isn’t quite right.

The text message was included in a filing by the baby-mama to be.


Nichols’ attorney argued in that filing that the NBA star intentionally filed his complaint in Texas to “save” some money on child support.

However, Nichols resides in California and her child, due December 3, will also be born in the Golden State; Texas law would have no jurisdiction on the child support ruling, per the filing.

Spreading It Around

Khloe Kardashian’s ex shares 3-year-old daughter True with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star. He also has 4-year-old son Prince with another ex, Jordan Craig.

He purportedly concluded the message by informing Nichols that all she would have “is a baby with a father who has zero involvement with the child and a few hundred dollars of child support a month.”

This supposed text is also no the first time he’s attempted to intimidate Nichols. It’s known that he previously tried to get her to have an abortion.

However, it appears that Khloe Kardashian’s ex is trying other things now that the baby is so close to arriving.

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