Did Donald Trump Really Say That He Liked Barack Obama?

Even after former President Donald Trump left office, he never apologized to Barack Obama, nor has he backtracked on his lies. But on the “History Tour” with Bill O’Reilly in Florida where he was a speaker, the Republican revealed that he “liked” Obama during his speech. It was considered out of character, considering how he spent years slamming Obama, starting from when he was merely a private citizen.

“I liked him,” he said, per The Sun Sentinel. Trump even went as far as to compliment Obama, describing him as someone who is “smart and sharp.” He did, however, still take jabs at how Obama led America. Trump said that Obama’s a huge part of why there’s currently “tremendous division” in the country.

He proceeded with his speech by criticizing President Joe Biden, but according to Trump, he doesn’t believe that Obama is secretly running the country for Biden. Why? He said it’s because Obama “golfs too much” and “wouldn’t do it.”


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