‘Diablo Immortal’ makes £19.6million in the two weeks since launch

Diablo Immortal has generated over £19.6million ($24million USD) in user spending since it launched on June 2.

According to PocketGamer.biz (via GamesIndustry.biz), the free-to-play dungeon crawler has been downloaded by 8.5million players in two weeks and has become Blizzard Entertainment‘s second-highest earner behind the mobile version of Hearthstone.

The total revenue Diablo ImmortalIt is reported that the funds are split equally between Android (and iOS) £10.6million ($13million USD) has been spent on iOS, while £9million ($11.3million USD) was generated on Android.

Diablo Immortal. Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

The US also accounted for the majority of the game’s total player spending, amounting to 43 per cent of earnings, while South Korea comes in at second place with 23 per cent. Japan comes in second with 8%, Germany is at 6% and Canada is third with 3%.

Following its release, the game received criticism for its microtransactions and it was recently calculated that gearing out a character’s stats completely would cost players £87,568. A player on Reddit also claimed that unlocking a character’s final resonating bonus will cost players between £39,831 and £47,797 in real money.

Despite Diablo Immortal being the biggest launch in franchise history, the game is Blizzard’s worst user-reviewed game of all time after its first week of launch. The free-to-play game was given the label of “free to play” by Metacritic. “overwhelming dislike”On June 9, the game had more than 3,120 negative reviews. Nine days later the number of negative reviews jumped to 4,985, with a game score of 0.5 as of writing.

Diablo ImmortalLaunched on June 2, on iOS and Android mobile devices. Also available on PC as an Open Beta.

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