Developer harassment may have led to the closure of the subreddit ‘Battlefield 2042’

The Battlefield 2042Subreddit could be closed down due to continued developer harassment and toxicity.

After a Twitter thread by a, the news comes as a result of the following: Battlefield 2042 spokesperson led to a social media dogpile with fans criticising the game and its developer – EA DICE.

Andy McNamara (EA’s global communications director) tweeted that the team was returning to work after a Christmas break. He explained that the tweet was deleted. “people gotta rest”Also, “love you guys but these expectations are brutal”. McNamara used Twitter and Reddit to locate the fans. “are pissed we didn’t do enough…during the holiday break”.

Tweets of the tweets were posted to Twitter Battlefield 2042 SubredditThere was a lot of backlash. Some fans understood the need to take a break. Others mocked McNamara and continued to complain.

Battlefield 2042. Credit to EA DICE

The thread gained over 10,000 upvotes and 2,000 comment before it was locked. Comment included “we wanted a finished game. Sorry for being unreasonable. I guess this unfinished buggy shit is all you are capable of making”.

Another aggressive comment “if I made a bad thing at work I have to work as long as it needs to remove the failure.”The comment has been added “I paid 100$ for the game and it’s only 20% finished but you are doing some nice long holidays. If the job as game developer is too hard, don’t do it”.

Finally, Battlefield 2042Subreddit mods published a post telling the community to not be as toxic or post nothing. The PostExplains that there are three options. If the toxicity level drops, the subreddit can continue to exist without interruption. “further restrictions”. Alternately, if it is at its current level, threads may be locked earlier. If it rises, the subreddit may be closed temporarily.

Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042. Credit : EA

Battlefield 2042It has faced many problems since its launch. Its Rush mode was recently removed despite fans’ requests.

As well as that, insider knowledge has suggested that the game should have featured “earthquakes, fire tornadoes, tsunamis, and volcano eruptions“. The satisfaction survey was released last month to determine what could be improved. Many fans were furious at the addition of Santa-style skin.

In other gaming news, the ESA has cancelled E3’s in-person event for the third year running due to COVID-19 concerns.


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