Devastating News: Alicia Vikander’s ‘Tomb Raider” Sequel

Alicia Vikander has lost all hope of ever playing Lara Croft. MGM has lost the movie rights to this video game, prompting bidding wars in Hollywood. This means that Vikander’s 2018 movie will not be remade. A new studio would like to start from scratch with a fresh film. Tomb Raider.

MGM had to go green for a license until May. Tomb Raidersequel, but studio never did Wrap reported Thursday. According to sources, multiple Hollywood studios expressed interest immediately and made bids for the property. Another source said that another source had told them. The Hollywood Reporter The bidding war was on “feeding frenzy”As streamers and studios vie for more well-known intellectual properties, they are also competing for the best content.

Square Enix, which is the video game company behind the game, and Graham King’s GK Films were granted the movie rights. King purchased the screen rights from Square Enix back in 2011. He signed a co-producer agreement with MGM to produce a movie. The 2018 movie, which made $275m internationally, was only the result of the partnership.

Vikander was the headliner of HBO’s latest episode. Irma VepLimited series, has been discussing making a Tomb Raidersequel for many more years. She said however, that her most recent comments on the subject were: Entertainment Weekly After Amazon bought MGM, Tomb Raider 2 was stuck in limbo. “With the MGM and Amazon buyout, I have no clue. Now it’s kind of politics,”She said it earlier this month.

The Tomb RaiderThe sequel was to be written and directed in the future by Lovecraft Country Misha Green is the creator. Vikander told EW She was “excited to show the world”What Green did for Lara Croft. Unfortunately, Green’s vision will not be seen by the rest of the world.

The first Tomb RaiderMulti-console release of the game took place in 1996. Paramount released two films featuring Angelina Jolie as the character. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider(2001) Lara Croft Tomb Raider, The Cradle of Life (2003). The combined earnings of the Jolie movies was $423 million.

Vikander won’t be playing Lara Croft in the next film, but the future looks bright for the actress who won an Oscar for supporting role in The Danish Girl. Recently, she starred in Olivier Assayas’ Irma Vep series. It received critical acclaim. She starred in the movie “Irma Vep” last year. The Green Knight,Blue BayouAnd Beckett. Her next movie is Karim Aïnouz’s FirebrandA historical drama about the marriage of King Henry VIII to Catherine Parr. Jude Law portrays the king, while Vikander plays Catherine. 


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