Derek Hough sustains a severe facial injury

Dancing With The StarsDerek Hough, judge, was recently seriously injured on his face. Many people were concerned for the judge. Was it really the judge’s fault?

It seems that Derek is going to be fine. But he isn’t exactly thrilled about the way the injury happened. Read on to find out the details.

Derek Hough’s pooch and playtime get a little too rough sometimes

It’s definitely been a big year for Dancing With The StarsDerek Hough is the judge. Hayley Erbert, his long-time girlfriend, was finally the one to propose. Fans just can’t get enough of their adorable antics online and are happy for the couple.

Derek Hough/YouTube

A little rain is necessary in every life. Derek seems to have suffered a painful facial injury in his home.

Derek and Hayley are huge animal lovers and adopted several cats and dogs — all with their own unique quirks and personalities. One of the dogs seems to like to roughhouse a bit too much.

“She’s a Picasso,”Derek jokesHis Instagram video captionedHe revealed his injury.

“Show me the art, now show me the artist,”The video’s words were read. One frame shows Derek with a tissue of blood on his head. In the next frame, the wound is bandaged, then the camera cuts to one of Derek’s dogs. She waves her tail at the camera and then rolls on her back to request belly rubs.

Derek Hough from Instagram
Derek Hough/Instagram 

“Awwwww it was an accident dad! She just loves you so much she got a little excited! 😉♥️♥️✨✨✨” wrote one of the Utah native’s followers.

Many of other Derek’s other followers poked fun at the dancer for letting his dog get so wound up. Others wished him well for a speedy recovery and prayed for him to be healthy.

What is the future? DWTSHow would you look for the judge?

There are many questions about this subject. Dancing With The StarsThe current season is 31. But Derek Hough confirmed he will indeed be part of the judges’ table again this year. Hopefully, his brush with his dog won’t leave any long-lasting scars.

As well as Tyra Banks, all four judges will be returning. Alfonso Ribeiro will join Tyra this year to be her cohost.

Tune into Good Morning AmericaOn the morning of September 8, you can find out more about the Season 31 cast including the professional dancers. Disney+ will broadcast the Season 31 premiere on September 19,

Don’t forget to follow TV Shows AceOnline to keep up with Derek Hough, and the rest of The DWTS cast. Season 31’s premiere is getting closer. Stay tuned for more.

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