Day before her wedding, the bride finds a package and a note from strangers at her kitchen table

A mysterious package was found on a woman’s kitchen table after she returned from work. Soon afterward, she was joined by her fiancé, and when the couple opened the box, they were astonished to see what was inside. 

Have you ever received an unexpected gift? Surprises come all sizes and shapes; some surprises can be deeply touching and truly unforgettable. 

It’s often not the gift’s monetary value that makes it unique or one-of-a kind, but the sentimental value. The art of giving and receiving gifts You will never lose your charmParticularly if the gift has been wrapped with love, and is sent with heartfelt wishes.


A soon-to be married couple experienced an unforgettable experience that warm their hearts and left a lasting impression. They received something that multiplied their joy only days before their big day celebrations.

Chuck Neese was in love with Mary Hall, and they couldn’t wait for their future together. Their wedding was a joyous occasion. This was scheduled to take place on January 20, 2018,

The wedding preparations were in full swing, with Hall and her fiancé working on the final touches for their nuptials. Hall and her fiance hoped for a beautiful day with their loved ones, and everything to go according to plan.

But when Hall returned home from work just days before her wedding, she said she stumbled upon something that she and her fiancé would treasure forever. Keep reading to discover more about the exciting find and the couple’s sentiments. 


The bride-tobe was puzzled She noticed a package sitting on the kitchen counter. Her fiancé looked distracted and was waiting for her to come home, so they could open the box together and see what was inside.

Hall and Neese also had a young girl named Lily. They said that they would send vintage glasses to another couple with the same name when they got married.

The Evansville, Indiana couple was completely confused and shocked when the box was marked with the words: “Please Open BEFORE Wedding Day.” Hall shared:

“I got off work and I came home and the package was on the table. Chuck was in the living room, and I asked, what was in the box?”


Inside the package was a handwritten letter from complete strangers congratulating the couple on their wedding. Hall referred to the letter. recounted:

“He started reading that letter, and as he started reading, I just got chills and goosebumps all over. He kept reading… and I was just shocked.”

The Felker children wrote the letter. They lived hundreds of kilometers away in Illinois. The Felker family received the package after they found Neese and Hall’s online wedding registry via a simple Google Search. 


Interestingly enough, Neese and Hall shared the same first names as the Felker’s deceased parents, from La Crosse, Wisconsin. They wanted To share a token or love and a sentimental keepakeThe letter was sent to the soon-to get married couple. The letter began:

“You do not know us, but we found your names through a Google search. Through a little bridal gift registry ‘detective work,’ we found an address to send this gift to.”


Also, the letter DescribedThe happy and blissful 62-year marriage of the Felker parents was a joy for their children. It read:

“Chuck and Mary Felker were pillars of their community and very, very loving people. They most enjoyed dancing together and even taught ballroom dance classes for many years.”

The package also contained a pair of vintage champagne glasses. The package contained a pair vintage champagne glasses. Engraved: “Let me dance with you forever, Mary & Chuck.” It was Felker’s unique method of wishing happy marriages luck and happiness.


Neese was touched by the kindness of the Felker family and Hall was as well. The letter continued:

“The champagne glasses had once belonged to the original Chuck and Mary. They were our beloved parents of seven children.”

The Evansville couple was still gushing over the heart-touching present when they spotted another surprise — The champagne glasses came in a Converse-labeled shoebox. “I’m like, no way,” revealed Hall. 


Hall and the bridesmaids knew that they had been wearing Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers under their dresses since the beginning. Hall Submitted 14 News: 

“It was just all very much a bunch of coincidences all together. It’s all really cool.”

Moreover, the engaged-to-be-married couple also Sent a special invitation for the FelkersThey invited their friends and family to the wedding. Hall said that Neese and Hall received the glasses from her and she wanted them to be a part the special day. 


Hall and Neese had a young daughter called Lily. revealedShe was married when she found out. They would send the glasses to another couple with the same name.They were everywhere they went in the world.

The Felker family’s act of love made a huge difference in Hall and Neese’s lives. While it’s not uncommon to be greeted with love and warm wishes by our family and close friends, these sentiments are more precious when they come from strangers.

Comment on this incredible story.Perhaps you have ever had to go through something similar. This story is worth sharing with your loved ones. 


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