David Beckham’s son Romeo gets a massive neck tattoo inspired by his dad’s

Romeo Beckham, David Beckham’s son, displayed his new tattoo in tribute to his father. Romeo, 19, flexed two of his new tattoos on his Instagram Story. One was on his hand, the other behind his neck in an attempt to imitate his father, soccer player David Beckham. 

The hand he held showed a bird with the words “Lead with love” underneath. The second tattoo, which was placed behind his neck, featured angel wings and a cross in its middle. This is similar to the tattoo that he had on his father’s back. “@_DR_WOO_ MASTERPIECE ONCE AGAIN,”The model added his story below the photo. This piece will be a wonderful addition to the family’s collection of body art. David Beckham famously has over 60 tattoos himself –– one of which is Romeo’s name located just under the angel wings on his back. 

The move comes just a few days after Romeo took another step from his father and dyed his hair brown. Romeo shared a photo featuring the two of them with matching hairstyles. His followers were astonished. “Twinning handsome fellas [heart emojis],”One follower wrote. Another commented. “Same same, but different.”An additional user was added “Romeo looks more like David than David does!”

Romeo was first to go platinum blonde in May. His dad quickly reacted, as his blonde hair was a common style in the late 1990s and early 2000s. “Nice hair [heart emoji] @romeobeckham I wonder where u got that idea from,”He wrote the following under his son’s posting. David shared another image of the new hairstyle along with his two sons (Romeo in the middle, Cruz on the left) on Instagram in August. “Sometimes the boys need reminding who did it first in the 90’s,”He said it in the caption.”By the look on their faces they are not to pleased about it.”For effect, he added the hashtag DadDidItFirst before including his boys and their hairdresser. Romeo has since traded in his blonde locks for dark hair. 


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