Daonte is Back with New Love

Life after LockupIt is right around the corner Lockups are the best way to find loveThis will be the last night. At this point, any of these couples may be involved in the spinoff. Although no one has been confirmed yet, two castmates who were once together claim they are returning together.

Life after Lockup Left Daonte Heartbroken

These shows do not always end in a happy way. Daonte was the one who got his heart broken every time he appeared on these shows. Daonte first made his appearance with Nicolle Bradley in Lockup and Love.They fell in love while she was in prison. He helped her in many ways, until she was released. She wanted nothing to do with him, except for financial matters. He was very upset as he had done everything for her, even celibate. A previous conversation led him to believe that they were already engaged. She then began to cheat on him by cheating on Zak with an ex-boyfriend. She was also still texting her ex-girlfriend Tia.

She tried to be with Tia and Daonte at the end. Life after Lockup. Tia didn’t want to share, but Daonte tried. He had a friend who was much like Nicolle. He was not there for her when she died. He also kept beating himself up. Daonte was always afraid that the same would happen to Nicolle. He felt the need to rescue her, no matter what she did to him. She finally married Tia in the parks, despite Daonte not being invited. He may have moved on, but it seems he is still with an inmate.

Rejoin Us For A Second Round

Daonte was the first to use social media. Lockups are the best way to find loveLindsey Downs announced that she will be appearing in the next season of Life after Lockup. The two of them held hands, and the episode will air this summer. Scott Bradshaw and Lindsey were both in jail for four years after being convicted of possession methamphetamines and possessing a gun. Rumours about them getting together first started in December last year. However, it seems that this was a rumor. Fans were calling for an Indie/Daonte sext, but now it seems he’s back with Lindsay.


This could be a promotion for the upcoming season, but they seem happy. Followers of Lindsey’sInstagram This is what they had to say: “Y’all look good together.”A second: “Congratulations!!!! You both upgraded!!!!!”They both hope that this is the right fit. It will only be time. It is expected that the new season will be announced soon. Who would you most like to see?Life after Lockup? Let us know in the comments and don’t miss the season finale of Lockups are the best way to find love. It airs tonight at WeTV



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