Danielle Busby shares Quints with Toy Guns; Fans Get Triggered

Danielle Busby shared some photos this week of her children playing with toy guns. This is the latest post. OutDaughtered Many people sent negative feedback to her and had their support. Keep reading for more details.

The Busbys are getting ready to return to school and have been having fun with their friends, such as going boating or hanging out at a waterpark. Now, they’re playing with toy guns, which didn’t go over so well on social media.

Danielle Busby’s daughters play with toy guns in new photos.

In a new InstagramDanielle Busby posted on Thursday that her girls had a great time playing with toy guns. Blayke, Hazel Riley, Parker, Ava and Olivia were pictured together playing laser tag by the mother of six. The young girls took photos with their laser tag guns.

Danielle wrote in her caption: “Y’all!!! This was hilarious!! 🤣Watching 11 little girls play laser tag!! 😂🤪😂 Im not sure most of them knew what they were doing but it sure was entertaining to watch!”

She then added: “Girls wanna have fun.”

Below are photos of the girls with laser tag guns.

Danielle Busby Instagram

Danielle Busby Instagram

Danielle Busby Instagram

Although this may seem harmless, Blayke and Blayke have their opinions.

OutDaughteredFans are outraged by the toy gun photos.

In the comments section of Danielle Busby’s post, fans are pouring in with negative reactions. Many people dislike that Danielle allows her daughters to play with guns, and that she also posted about it online.

Fans are calling her out for these offensive photos, which she took so quickly after the shooting at Uvalde in Texas.

Below are some of the comments Danielle Busby received. Some say the photos are too insensitive. Others think she should take them down. One fan wrote, “So that’s what they teach in Texas. Wow after those 20 people were massacred.”

Another question is whether Danielle really is. “clueless or insensitive.”

Danielle Busby Instagram

Four hours after posting the photos, they are still up on Danielle’s page. So, we’ll have to see if she replies to the backlash or takes them down.

What do you think about the quints playing laser-tag? Do you think it’s a big deal? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and then come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about Danielle Busby’s family.

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