Danielle Busby is a obsessive fan. You won’t guess who?

OutDaughteredDanielle Busby, mom to six, has a new #1 fan. The mom-to-six took to social media to share a sweet moment with fans and let them know who’s been obsessing over her lately.

Many TLC viewers are fans Danielle Busby. Danielle is followed by 2 million people on Instagram alone. But they aren’t the only ones who are obsessed with her. She revealed that someone has been all over her and just won’t leave her alone.

So, who’s Danielle Busby’s crazy, obsessed fan, and how does she really feel about it?

Danielle Busby Instagram

Danielle Busby reveals who’s been obsessed with her lately.

In a new Instagram post, Danielle Busby shared a couple of pictures of herself with her family’s newest addition, Gus. He’s laying all over her as she lounges on the couch.

The Busby family adopted the Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise mix puppy last summer. Since then, they’ve been enjoying getting to know the puppy. It seems that Gus is now a true friend of Danielle and loves spending time with her.

Danielle also shared a few cute photos and wrote. “This dog 🤣💕 How can someone be this obsessed with me. Hahaha love him so but geeze Gus. Im trying to ready my Bible and devotional. Even in quietness, there is still distractions 🤪”

She went on to explain that she’s trying to read the whole bible in one year. It seems like she has a friend to cuddle with while she reads. Even though he’s getting in her way and distracting her, she still loves him.

Danielle Busby is a obsessive fan. You won't guess who?
Danielle Busby Instagram

In the comments section of Danielle’s post, fans are gushing over her new pictures. They think that Gus is adorable, and they’re glad that Danielle has someone to keep her company. Danielle looks great with Gus. Fans might see more of their sweet moments together in the future.

One fan jokes, “I think I remember when you really didn’t want a dog. 😂 They are so precious.”Others refer to the photos “sweet” “precious.”

So, what do you think of Danielle Busby’s new biggest fan? Are you sure this is Danielle Busby’s new biggest fan? Or did you believe it was another person? We’d love to hear your comments in the comment section below. Check out the latest news regarding OutDaughtered Familie, bring it back TV Shows Ace.

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