Daily LA County COVID Numbers Increase – Los Angeles

Daily COVID-19 patient cases are on the rise. While hospitalization numbers are low, officials in health said that they expect an eventual increase in patient volume if pandemics continue.

The county Department of Public Health reported that COVID infections per day increased by 3.1% on average over the past week. In the last seven days, the county saw an average of 960 cases per day. This 23% increase over the previous seven days.

The increasing spread of the viral subvariant BA.2 has led to an increase in cases. BA.2 is an Omicron variant offshoot that caused a winter surge of infections.

Officials from county health noted that while the average daily rate for people being tested positive for the virus is still low at 1%, it has risen slightly in the past week. The number of COVID-19 positive patients in county hospitals remains low — 265 according the state figures, with 38 being in intensive care.

Officials noted that during a pandemic, hospitalizations increase within weeks of an increase in infections, which is followed by an increase death. Similar trends are already evident in New York City, as well as other parts of America. Due to rising COVID levels, Philadelphia health officials announced that they would be reintroducing an indoor mask-wearing requirement.

“The evidence is becoming clearer that given the current approved vaccines and the reality of a mutating virus, some of us will need to boost our immune systems a couple of times during the year in order to be optimally protected,”Barbara Ferrer, Public health director, said in a release. “This includes those infected with Omicron over the winter, since natural immunity against SARS-CoV-2 also wanes over time.

“As we celebrate the spring holidays, let’s do our very best to make use of the powerful tools at hand, vaccinations, boosters, testing, and masking, to keep ourselves and those most vulnerable to severe illness, as safe as possible.”

The county no longer reports COVID numbers on weekends. Between Saturday and Monday, 2,875 new infections were reported. This gives the county a total pandemic count of 2,846,303. Over the three-day period 38 deaths due to virus were reported, bringing the total death count in the county up to 31,807.

Ferrer reported last Wednesday that BA.2 was responsible for 47% of all cases within the county that were subject to specialized testing to detect COVID variants. However, she believes the actual percentage may be higher as the data only reflect cases that occurred two weeks ago. BA.2 only represented 32% of all infections during the week that preceded it, down from 16% in the week before.


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