Cynthia Nixon discusses Miranda’s CheDiaz storyline in the ‘SATC’ HBO reboot

Some fans might not be happy, Cynthia NixonIs loving the unorthodox journey she is on “Sex and the City”Miranda Hobbes, the character, is on in HBO Max reboot.

An appearance on “The Drew Barrymore Show” Wednesday, the Emmy-winning actor talked about the turbulence Hobbes is experiencing in the first season of “And Just Like That…,” including falling for nonbinary comedian and podcast host Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez), while still married to Steve (David Eigenberg).

“When you put a negative spin on it, you can call it a midlife crisis, right? But out of crises come really productive things,”Barrymore was informed by Nixon. “You’re not young anymore, but you’re not old either. And you still have time to make sure that your life is the way you want it to be.

“And if you’re deeply unhappy in your career choices, and you’re really deeply unhappy in your marriage, you should look at it and demand more, right?”

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Nixon, too ShareBarrymore shared with Ramirez that she had personally requested Ramirez, who is a long-time series regular. “Grey’s Anatomy,” to play the role of Diaz. 

“I suggested them because I’ve been aware of them for so long and such a fan,”Nixon spoke. “I worked with (director) Mike Nichols a bunch of times, particularly when I was young, and he cast Sara in ‘Spamalot,’ for which they won a Tony. So, I was always watching their career.”

Nixon said that while the changes to her iconic character may throw viewers for a loop, the eccentricity is also part of Hobbes’ nature.

“Miranda is very smart and she’s very tenacious and very strong, but she’s always been kind of a bull in a china shop: kind of rushing ahead and then maybe having to go back and sweep up the china afterwards,”Nixon spoke. “It’s interesting that people, I don’t know, I think some people are not loving seeing these characters maybe off-kilter, but I love that.”

She continued: “Whatever age you are, you haven’t figured everything out. If you think you’ve figured everything out, you’re kidding yourself.”

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Nixon Married girlfriend Christine Marinoni in May 2012 following a 15-year partnershipWith Danny Mozes, photographer, she has two children with him, Samuel, 25 and Charles, 19. Nixon and Marinoni share son Max, 10.

Nixon stars in the HBO period drama “The Gilded Age,”Alongside “Mamma Mia!” star Christine Baranski. 

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