Crumbs: Huw E. Edwards is interviewed for the election breakfast broadcast

Huw Edwards admitted to having had “a little bit of croissant”As he wiped his face, he told the viewers that he was only finishing the pastry.

The veteran broadcaster made the on-air confession while presenting the BBC’s 2022 local election coverage.

He said: “I’m going to admit to you I’ve just had a little bit of croissant. So I’m just finishing it and I’m ashamed to say that but there you go. It’s 20 to six in the morning…”

Professor Sir John Curtice (Jane Barlow/PA).PA Archive/PA Images – Jane Barlow

A bleary-eyed Edwards later joked about his gaffe with political scientist Professor Sir John Curtice, who appeared on the programme to offer analysis of the results.

Edwards, an experienced elections expert, stated: “I’m just wondering whether Sir John Curtice has been helping himself to French patisserie this morning as he is chomping through his data.”

Sir John responded: “I was just about to say, Huw, whether you were going to send them up to us, because they have certainly not reached here yet.”

Edwards stated: “I shall make a delivery at six o’clock Jonathan, no question.”

Last year the 60-year-old Welsh journalist and presenter anchored the BBC’s coverage of the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral in April.

He was shown in silence at the BBC News At Ten start in 2017 because of a technical error.

Some viewers saw Edwards looking down at a screen and writing notes, seemingly unaware that the cameras had been rolling for a while.

Edwards tweeted after the broadcast a photo of a can with ale and the words: “I think I’m going to enjoy this little beauty after that Ten. Iechyd da!”

Earlier this year, Good Morning Britain’s Laura Tobin showed viewers she was eating chicken nuggets for breakfast and also spilt her drink on air having overslept following a late night after the programme won a charity news quiz.


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