Creepy AI asked to predict what the apocalypse will look like in America – results are horrifying

Artificial intelligence is being used to predict the outcome of the apocalypse.

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Craiyon provided some really frightening images of demolished cities when asked to predict an American apocalypse.Credit: Craiyon
Craiyon AI is one image-generating platform that is being asked to "predict" future events like the apocalypse


Craiyon AI, one of the image-generating platforms being requested to, is Craiyon AI “predict”Future events such the apocalypseCredit: Craiyon

Earlier this year, DALL-E mini image generator started going viral after the internet discovered its ability to create funny and disturbing images.

DALL-E mini changed its name to Craiyon since then and is currently redirecting users to its website. New website.

This change was made to avoid confusion between DALL-E and OpenAI’s DALL-E AI. It can also conjure unusual images.

Social media is full of images of people asking Craiyon AI for futuristic scenes since it went viral.

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One example of this is the apocalypse.

When asked to predict what they would do, ApocalypseCraiyon produced some horrifying images of what America might look like.

Images include futuristic, crumbling cities.

It also created images of cities in a fiery blaze.

AI-generated images often feature large figures resembling humans that tower over the cities.

AI can produce disturbing images but it is not something you should be worried about.

The AI bases its creations upon information humans have given to it. However, it is in no way able predict the future, despite how many TikTok accounts claim otherwise.

Craiyon’s creators acknowledge Craiyon’s limitations on their website.

They explained: “While image generation models have impressive capabilities, they can also reinforce or exacerbate societal biases.

“The model was trained with unfiltered data obtained from the Internet. It may produce images that include harmful stereotypes.

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“The extent and nature of the biases of the DALL·E mini model have yet to be fully documented.

“Work to analyze the nature and extent of these limitations is ongoing and being documented in more detail in the DALL·E mini model card.”


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