Crazed rats seen ‘terrifying’ binmen by jumping out of overflowing rubbish pile

Several refuse collectors are now having to tuck their trousers into their socks to stop the rats from scurrying up their legs and biting them, according to experts

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Rats scurry away from rubbish as workers attempt to empty bins

Waste collectors have said soaring numbers of rats in the UK now mean they have bash bins before handling them to scare the giant vermin off.

One worker can be seen approaching the rubbish pile nervously before giving it a kick.

After the first few strikes, nothing happens. However, the vermin that have been eating untreated food begin to scurry onto the drainpipes and the ground.

The footage shows up to 12 rats running off.

Experts believe the rats could be attacking workers if they are living in overfilled bins.

Many workers now have to tie their pants to prevent the rats from running up their legs.

In the footage the refuse collector is seen banging on bins before several rats run away


Isobel Dickinson)

Around a dozen rats are seen scurrying away in the horrifying footage


Isobel Dickinson)

Business Waste’s Mark Hall told the Daily Star : “Monday mornings are the worst as bins are overflowing from the weekend with kebabs and tasty food from restaurants.

“Our operators come up against rats on a daily basis, but Mondays are especially bad and our teams are genuinely worried about getting bitten.”

The rat population in the UK soared during lockdown to around 150 million.

This number is believed to be still on the rise. Many waste collectors are now sick from Covid restrictions. They often leave household rubbish to build up.

Binman Mark Taylor, 44, from Addingham, added: “When we go to empty a bin on a Monday, there’s a stream of rats running to safety.

“It’s really bad if it’s a food store or a restaurant, and they haven’t secured the lid.

“We’re clubbing the bins with a big stick, then giving them a couple of minutes to run away. It’s terrifying.”

Waste Collection company ’s Operations Director Adam Bailey, said: “Once disturbed, the vermin are in a state of panic and run in all directions.

“Our teams now go into action with trousers tucked into boots and sleeve cuffs done up tight. But that’s still no guarantee.”

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