Coyote Enters Woodland Hills Home Through Dog Door – Los Angeles

Owners are often compelled to keep their pets indoors after they see a coyote. But what happens if a coyote tries to enter your home? Woodland Hills residents experienced this firsthand.

Julie Levine manages Canine Rescue Connection, which is a non-profit dog rescue.

On Saturday morning around 1:00 a.m., at her home, Levine got a visit from a canine she wasn’t expecting.

Surveillance footage captured the moment the coyote entered her home through a doggie gate and stayed there for about three minutes.

“He walked along this ways as you see in the video, jumped down right about here the motion sensor lights came on and he found the dog door,” Levine said” 

Levine didn’t realize she had an intruder until her senior rescue dogs started barking.

“I think he got three quarters the way down the hallway and kind of saw us perhaps and kind of realized what he was up against and kinda took off,”Levine spoke. “I have beagles and that’s what the tracking was all about they got the scent in their nose and they just went crazy,”

The coyote had already made his escape, Levine checked her cameras to figure out what all the fuss was about and couldn’t believe what she saw.

Coyotes are not known to attack humans but a coyote attacked an infant at Huntington Beach Pier in April. She left her with severe facial injuries.

Entering a home is also not something you often hear about, but coyotes are known to injure and even kill small pets.

“They are bold, they are smart, they are looking for food, they’re looking for water and they may just bring some friends back the next time around,”Levine spoke. 

Levine thinks this coyote has been in her neighborhood before. Last week, surveillance cameras captured Levine chasing a coyote from her neighbor’s property.

“Coyotes are out there, we all know that we all know they can scale fences. This was a 6 foot fence,”Levine spoke. 

Levine says she is thankful the coyote didn’t get to her dogs and will be taking some extra measures to keep her precious pups safe.

Now the dog door at Levine’s house is shut and she wants to make sure it never happens again.


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