Couple Discovers their Wedding is at Risk. Perform an Emergency Ceremony Right on the Airplane

Pam Patterson and Jeremy Salda hoped to spend the rest their lives together. They planned on jumping on a plane and getting married at Las Vegas. However, they were saved by the kindness of strangers when it was threatened that the stormy weather would ruin their plans.

Pam Patterson and Jeremy Salda fell in love online, which began in 2020. Recently before their date, Pam had just been laid off from her medical sales job during the pandemic.

Jeremy, a 49 year-old graphic designer, was recently divorced and was dreading the idea of online dating. Pam was also anxious about meeting Jeremy online, as it was her first date. 

Pam and Jeremy.Source: Youtube/Inside edition | Source: Youtube/Inside Edition

“It was just one of those great dates where you talk all night until 2 a.m.,” Pam . During their date, she said to Jeremy she liked to spread kindness like confetti. 

Pam was delighted when Jeremy brought flowers, confetti and a bouquet of roses to their second date. They had a wonderful time and tossed it around the city. 

Jeremy and Pam had more in common than just dreading online dating. Both of them had children from past relationships. Pam had a 28-year-old daughter and a 20-year-old son, while Jeremy had a 15-year-old son and an 11-year-old daughter.


Despite their undeniable chemistry they chose to stay in touch and date other people. “I didn’t know if I was ready to do a whole family thing again,” Pam .

Jeremy loved Pam so much that he couldn’t let go. On Mother’s Day, Jeremy reached out and surprised Pam with a special treat. 

“I have never met somebody that truly looks for the good in others. She can find good in just about anybody,” Jeremy said. 

Jeremy proposed to Pam in January 2022 on a Cancun beach. Pam was delighted and immediately started planning for their wedding.

Pam and Jeremy had a dream of a Mexican destination wedding, but they had to first have a U.S. legal wedding. They decided that  Las Vegas was the perfect place to have a short, fun ceremony with just the two of them in attendance. 


The couple began planning every aspect of their wedding day soon after. They booked a Las Vegas hotel and made arrangements for a marriage licence appointment.

Pam and Jeremy also bought tickets for a flight from Oklahoma City to Nevada. Pam even bought a wedding gown online.

The flight they booked was cancelled two days later. They decided to book another flight on a different airline to connect them to Nevada, which would have been a direct flight from Texas. 

They arrived at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Texas in their wedding clothes. They were going to board the plane to head straight to their chapel appointment. 

While Pam and Jeremy waited to board their connecting flight, turbulent weather conditions caused delays multiple times. Unfortunately, the flight was cancelled. 

Chris Mitcham noticed their dismay as they sat at the airport. He came up to them and inquired about their travel plans.


Pam and Jeremy shared their plans and the reasons for cancellations. It turned out that Chris was on his way to Las Vegas and that his flight had been cancelled as well. Chris was an ordained pastor and offered to marry them. 

They booked another flight to Vegas immediately. They hoped to land in Vegas later that night and get their marriage license. 

Chris, Jeremy and Pam had to rush to Love Field Airport, Texas in order to catch their flight from Texas to Vegas. Pam described feeling like she was in a movie. She Additional:

“[I was] literally running through the airport, through security, in a wedding dress. People [were] shouting at us, ‘Congratulations! Yay!'”

The pilot asked Pam if she intended to marry immediately after she boarded the plane. PamPlease reply, “Well, we’re going to try, but if not, I think I’m just going to get married right here on this plane.”


The pilot agreed to the idea. The pilot announced to passengers and crew that a marriage would soon take place on board.

After the plane reached an altitude that allowed people to move around freely, the pilot began to prepare for midair ceremonies.

Tissue paper was used to make streamers by flight attendants. Chris, a former TV producer, also had video equipment. He set up the camera and one of his flight attendants recorded the ceremony.

The flight attendants also set mood lighting by using the call lights on the plane and downloaded the song. “Here Comes the Bride”To play as Pam walks down the aisle of the plane, And they were married on April 24, 2022! 

Chris and Jeremy. Source: YouTube/Inside Ed | Source: YouTube/Inside Edition

Jeremy Detailed explanationIt was just as important to make the aircraft a wedding venue that the passengers were involved in.

“Another woman onboard was a professional photographer who offered to take photos of the ceremony. One passenger passed a notebook around for other attendees to sign.”

A passenger offered their donut as a wedding cake and even offered to help. Pam and Jeremy divided it in half and then shared it.

Pam and Jeremy. Source: YouTube/Inside Edition | Source: YouTube/Inside Edition

Pam also reflected on the passengers’ kindness during their spontaneous wedding. “We obviously delayed the drink service, but no one seemed to care,”She .

Southwest Airlines, the plane that the couple was on, stated that it was happy for them. They released a statement stating that the couple was happy. read:

“We offer our congratulations to the newlyweds and well wishes on their new life together.”

Pam and Jeremy claimed that many passengers approached Pam and Jeremy during and after their flight. They expressed their gratitude for helping to brighten up their day after a difficult travel experience. 

The couple said they were grateful for the opportunity to make others happier by having their in-flight marriage. It shows that strangers can unite and create joyous occasions even during stressful moments. 


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