Costco Raises Prices on Popular Food Court Items – Los Angeles

Although it was once unimaginable, it is now possible.

Costco food court fans, get ready to spend an extra dollar because the prices for some of your favorite food items have gone up.

Costco’s food court products are well-known for their low prices. However, even that infamous food court was not immune to inflation.

Both the 20-ounce soda and chicken bake, two of the most popular food court items, have seen their prices go up.

The chicken bake sells now for $3.99. This is $1 more than in June. The soda price has risen 10 cents to sell for $3.99. $0.69.

Untouchable item? The hot dog combination.

For now, the price of the combo and the $9.95 pizza will be different.

The rise in prices is believed to be due to inflation, as grocery store inflation reached 14.6%. According to Costco, membership stores like Costco were able keep inflation at 7%. Business Insider.

Although you might have to spend an extra dollar, or ten cents, there are still options for the $1.50 hotdog combination.


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