Cops pay for the stolen items of a woman who was caught shoplifting in a store instead of arresting her

The woman was being held by security guards in New York for shoplifting. However, when officers arrived on the scene, they did exactly what no one expected. 

For most Americans, July 4th is a day to celebrate the independence of the United States. 

While most people were home celebrating the holidays with their families a woman was taken into custody by security guards at Manhattan Whole Foods. She had refused to pay for her groceries. 

NYDP officers pay for food that woman stole, leaving her in tears. | Photo:

Coincidentally, three New York police officers, Lt. Louis Sojo, Officers Esnaidy Cuevas, and Michael Rivera, who were working that day, agreed to stop at the supermarket to grab a snack when they were told a woman was shoplifting.

The officers moved towards the lady to assess the situation. One of them, Lt. Sojo inquired what had happened. The lady answered that she was hungry. 

The officer paid for the food that she had stolen from her, and she was left in tears. Photo by News | Photo: News

The officers searched her bag and discovered that she had a ready to eat hot meal buffet. It cost between $30- $35. Surprised, they decided to pay for her, instead of arresting. 

The reaction of the officers shocked everyone at the supermarket and left the woman speechless and emotionally disturbed. However, she thanked the officers and expressed her gratitude for their kindness. 

NYDP officers are honored for their kindness. Photo by News | Photo: News

Paul Bozymowkski TV and Film Director was present at the event. He later published the photo of the officers who paid for the food for the woman on his Twitter account. Bozymowski also tweeted the entire event. He Submitted:

“This woman was being held by security. She had food in her bag she didn’t pay for. When the NYPD showed up, they paid for her food.”

The tweet quickly generated much chatter and people applauded their surprise decision.

NYPD Chief of Department honoured the officers for their kind gesture. Photo by News | Photo: News

Talk to CBS News after the incident, The TV Director said the incident was very emotional, and it showed a profound act of compassion on the part of the officers.

Lt. Sojo revealed that he and his fellow officers were shocked and humbled by the positive interest shown in their reactions to the incident. 

He also stated that officers pay for food often, and that he has 22 years of experience, so this is not his first time paying for food for another officer. 

Lt. Sojo explained further that while it’s not like they go out every day to buy food for someone else, when something like this happens, it’s not easy to ignore it and not help. 

He said that gestures like these happen all across the country and that cops enforce the law and provide assistance when needed.


On Twitter, Terence A. Monahan (NYPD Chief of Department) also honored the officers. He praised them for their kindness and compassion, and praised them for their tender-heartedness. 


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