Cooper Kupp, Rams Wide Receiver, Talks About His Journey to Becoming a Legendary NFL Player.

When it comes to the NFL’s best players, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Donald are on the top of that list. One player has been making a lot of noise over the past three seasons, and he is not slowing down. Cooper Kupp, Los Angeles Rams wide receiver had a memorable 2021 year, catching 145 passes and 1,947 yards, with 16 touchdowns. All three of these totals were the NFL’s highest. Along with that and winning the Super Bowl MVP award after helping the Rams win the championship, Kupp is on his way to being a legendary NFL player.

Kupp is entering his sixth NFL season, so it’s too early to consider him a legend. Kupp recently signed a major contract extension which gives him a strong chance to be the Rams’ All Time receiver. Kupp is currently ranked fifth in all time team receptions (433), sixth among all-time receiving yards (5517) and seventh among all-time receiving touchdowns (40). caught up with Kupp during a Zoom interview. He stated that he knows what it takes to succeed in the league, and that the work never ends.

Kupp was selected by the Rams in the third round. He wasn’t drafted in the first round because he was a member of Eastern Washington’s FCS team. Kupp was an FCS First-Team All American and held the FCS record of receiving 6,464 yards in his career. The Rams couldn’t pass on him. Kupp was playing against smaller teams, but he won a remarkable game against Washington State his senior year, catching 12 passes and gaining 206 yards.

Kupp excels at route running. Kupp is not the fastest receiver in the NFL, but he knows exactly where to go. That’s what makes an NFL receiver great. NFL legend Jerry Rice was also an elite runner. This skill set allowed him to become the most important wide receiver in NFL history. 

Kupp wanted to be as healthy as possible after the 2021 season. That is why he partnered up with Pataday to provide extra strength eye drops for his allergies. PopCulture spoke with Kupp who said that his allergies have been a problem since childhood. Pataday has helped him through the offseason, when his allergies are at their worst. 

Kupp is a top player in the NFL. While he might not have the same year in 2021 as in 2021 he did, Kupp has the skills, intelligence and route running to continue to be a top player for many years. Kupp will have a golden jacket waiting for him when his career ends. 


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