Connor Ball fears that he won’t feel his leg for months after his Dancing On Ice injury

Connor Ball, Vamps star and singer has said that he was unable to feel his nerves after sustaining a serious injury on Dancing On Ice.

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Connor Ball describes all of his injuries from Dancing On Ice

Connor Ball opened up about his worries that he may have permanent damage after his terrible injury from Dancing On Ice.

The 26-year old Vamps musician sustained a terrible injury during the skating contest when his shoe’s edge got into his leg. He was left with a severe gash while he and Alexandra Schauman, his professional partner, performed.

He now says he still feels pain in his leg, and that he has lost some feeling since the incident.

Six months later, the bass player acknowledged that he still has a large scar from the injury and stated that he is now able to play. “always injured”Even though they have been through sessions of physiotherapy, these days they are not.

Connor Ball sustained an injury while Dancing On Ice


Matt Frost/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Connor posted a photo of his injury shortly following the incident



He said The Sun : “I am always injured. I have scars, still, and my leg is pretty dead. I can’t feel half of my shin still.

“It was a nerve. They told me it might be back or not.”

His scary injury has worked as a deterrent for bandmate Tristan Evans, after the drummer admitted he no longer fancies taking part in the popular ITV series.

Tristan said: “I was actually ice-skating with Connor a few years ago, and he almost broke mine.

“I was using one of those kids’ penguins that keep you upright and he was going crazy and then he went for me. I tripped over and . . . ouch. We heard something click and it was my neck.”

Connor updated his followers on social media regularly about the progress of his recovery after his injury.

His 818k Instagram followers were informed immediately after the incident that the photos he was sharing were not for the purpose. “squeamish”.

He wrote the following: “What a crazy night, i really did get too much into the whole pirate thing. thank you for all the messages i really appreciate it, im absolutely gutted about the routine but so grateful you guys still went absolutely mad and voted me through i can’t thank you enough!!

“Another accident happened during training. This makes it even worse. However, I am going to move on and get back into training.!

Connor Ball and Alexandra Schauman participated in the Dancing On Ice finals


Matt Frost/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Despite his injury, the pair continued to progress.


Matt Frost/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

“A huge thank you to the whole team for putting me back together as always and supporting through everything, it really means a lot. much love. x.”

Connor and The Vamps currently are on their 10th anniversary tour. They don’t want to stop.

Connor commented on how bandmates have remained close friends over the years. “We really are still weirdly good friends. These are my boys and friendship with your colleagues is hard to find. We could have hated each other, but we don’t.”

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