Comic-Con: First images of Freshman Year shared by Comic-Con

A first glance at Spider-Man Freshman Year was given at San Diego Comic-Con this week – and Charlie Cox is officially back.

The Disney+ series is set to debut in 2024. “bringing the heart and charm of Peter Parker,”According to Variety.

After having seen the presentation, the publication reports Freshman YearThis will be a feature “young, comic book-inspired”Peter Parker is a new version, and Charlie Cox will continue his role of Daredevil to voice Man Without Fear.

Nico Minoru, a comics character in the Runaways comics team, will also be featured. Amadeus Cho, who transforms into Hulk, a Wakandan scholar and Harry Osborn, will also be featured.

The publication also reports that no MJ, Gwen or Ned – all key characters from the more recent films – will be present.

Unicorn, Scorpion Speed Demon, Speed Demon Tarantula and Rhino will all be present. They will play different films to those already released.

Total Film shared images of the artwork for the series – you can take a look here:


Five Spider-Man films joined Disney+ recently – Marvel fans can now watch Spider-ManSpider-Man 2The Amazing Spider-ManThe Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Homecoming on the streaming platform.

Elsewhere, it was recently announced that a new version of No Way Home will be re-released in cinemas with “added and extended scenes”. It will be out on September 2 in the USAnd Canada.

The blockbuster Marvel film was originally released last year, going on to make $1.9billion (£1.5billion) at the global box office and marking the first film to hit the $1billion (£746.4million) mark at the box office since 2019.


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