CMT Music Awards Fans Take Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood to Task for the Nonexistent Fight

Country music might not be welcoming to women, but women have made it a point to cheer for one another. Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood seem to have no beef whatsoever. One Twitter user was the first to follow. Speculativeover network instigation a potential feud among the two, another netizen Please reply to clarify, writing, “Miranda and Carrie are best friends and always support one another.”Another RespondedTo put it another way: “Hoping for a jealous reaction, but they both have won so many awards, it shouldn’t be such a competition!”Also, the friend was noted by the user “don’t seem like divas to me”They were “just happy for each other.”

As far as we know, Lambert and Underwood are inseparable. Underwood congratulated Lambert and her song. “Bluebird” hitting No. In 2020, Billboard ranked No. 1 Tweeting, “Congratulations! Long overdue!”With a heart emoji And their love goes both ways — Lambert spoke warmly of Underwood in a chat with Taste of CountryIn 2019, she pointed out that the two of them came up through country music together, even though their debut albums were released so close together. She added, “[Underwood] is drawing such positive, like, vibes to country music, plus she never misses a note. Ever.”


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