Closer Weekly: James Garner’s Daughter Revealed He Had Fits of Anger

James Garner appeared in over 50 films, and enjoyed a successful acting career. He didn’t like the fame and fortune that comes with stardom, so he raised his family away from the spotlight. Learn more about his life as a father. 

James Garner, an American producer and actor, was well-known for his leading roles on the television series. “Maverick” “The Rockford Files.”He has also been a star in many films, including “The Notebook.” 

James was a Hollywood star but his wife and their family lived in the shadows. James’ daughter spoke out about her father being a great dad in his life.

American actor James Garner is seen on a set for a movie.James Garner with his daughter Gigi, smile as they hug in a photograph.[Left]Photo by Getty Images| James Garner and his daughter Gigi smile as they hug each other in a photo. [Right] | Photo: Getty Images

James was born in Norman, Oklahoma, on April 7, 1928. He was born during the Great Depression and had a hard childhood filled with hardships. 

James was the youngest son of three. He lost his mom Mildred Bumgarner at four years. His father, Weldon Warren Bumgarner, left him and his brothers Charles and Jack in the care of family members. 

His sons were reunited with Weldon when he married a few years later. Their home was not happy and their stepmom verbally and physically abuse them. Weldon finally divorced her. 

Portrait of James Garner (American actor), January 4, 1967.Photo by Getty Images | Photo: Getty Images

Weldon moved to Los Angeles but James stayed in Oklahoma, and he soon dropped out of school. At 16 years old, he lied to his parents about his age in order to join the Merchant Marine during World War II’s last year. 

After that, he moved to California with his dad. He attended Hollywood High School, but he did not finish his education because he took up modeling at Jantzen bathing suit. 

James Garner plays Sheriff Jim Nichols “Nichols”1971Photo by Getty Images | Photo: Getty Images

It was a temporary job that paid him $25 an hour. He was the first Oklahoman to be drafted into the US Army during World War II. 

He suffered from battlefield injuries and was awarded Purple Heart medals. James did not finish school, but he still received his GED. 

Gigi is determined not to lose her father’s legacy and give his loved ones a taste of who he truly was.

James Garner at 39th Emmy Awards. Photo by Wikimedia commons | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

James found acting when a friend, who was a talent agent, lured him into a small position as a judge in a Broadway production. “The Caine Mutiny Court Martial.”

Although he did not appear in the entire production, he learned from Henry Fonda, its main actor. This experience taught him what it meant to be an actor. 

He was then offered a film contract at Warner Bros. in 1956. James saw acting more as a means of earning a living than a dream. He was able to land several supporting roles in movies thanks to this approach. 

James Garner in Los Angeles, California on February 5, 2005Photo by Getty Images | Photo: Getty Images

His career finally began when he was given the lead role on the Western television series. “Maverick,”In which he played Bret Mverick. From 1957 to 1960, he starred in the series.

James gained fame in TV’s series Jim Rockford from 1974-1980. He played a private detective named Jim Rockford. “The Rockford Files.”

Starred in hits films such as “The Great Escape,” “Grand Prix,” “Victor Victoria.”He was nominated for an Oscar for his role in “Murphy’s Romance,”He was awarded the Golden Globe Award. “Decoration Day.” 

James Garner, Walt Disney Studios, Burbank, California, 31 October 2005Photo by Getty Images | Photo: Getty Images

James married Lois Fleischman Clarke once in his life. They met while they were hanging out at a friend’s barbecue. Married14 days later.

James was in love at first sight with Clarke. He didn’t waste any time and asked her to join him for dinner. 

They went out that night and continued to do so for the next two weeks, until they were married at the Beverly Hills courthouse August 17, 1956. 

The marriage was not supported by everyone. James’ family opposed it because they believed he and Clarke were not compatible. He was Methodist, was born in Oklahoma and raised there while Clarke was Jewish and a Los Angeleno for his entire life. 

James, however, felt that neither Clarke nor he were religious. Therefore, he and his wife didn’t have to worry about the issues his family raised. 

Clarke and he compliment each other, he said. The couple recognized the strengths and weaknesses of Clarke, which was something that naysayers considered weak. 

American actor James Garner, with Lois Clarke, on March 1,1964. | Photo: Getty Images

Clarke was James’ first marriage. However, Clarke had been married before James and had a daughter, Kim. He adopted Kim. Greta, their daughter was also welcomed by the couple. “Gigi”Garner was born January 4, 1958.

James Clarke and Clarke were married for 57 years, until Clarke died in 2014. The marriage was a lasting union but it did not go without its challenges. In 1970, the couple split for three months. They split for 18 more months in 1979. 

Lois Clarke and James Garner at an event | Photo:

Rumours circulated that James was involved with Lauren Bacall (who appeared twice as a guest on The Bachelorette). “The Rockford Files.”

He strongly denied these claims. James stated that he was living alone during those times due to the pressure of being a star. “Rockford”He needed space to think clearly.

James Garner poses with his family for a portrait shot in 1959. | Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

Clarke and James raised their family away from the limelight in Brentwood (California), at a time when it was still Los Angeles’s rural outpost. Clarke was a loner and tried to keep his private life secret. 

James formed a strong bond with his stepdaughter Kim, and his daughter Gigi. Gigi chatted with Closer Weekly. DescribedShe is a renowned author: 

“I really hit the jackpot with my dad. He was the type of father that got down on the floor and played with you. He was very present. The greatest father in the world.”

James Garner, in a portrait shot taken in 1961 with his family. | Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

James was deeply invested in being an excellent husband and father. He was a stepfather to an alcoholic father, and was mistreated by his stepmoms. However, he didn’t continue the cycle. Gigi 

“People that had abusive childhoods like my dad often continue the cycle. My dad stopped the cycle, and he tried to give us everything that he never had.”

Gigi, a published author as well as an artist and philanthropist, describes her dad, a homebody, as she was happy to be at home with her husband and children and spend time with them. 

James’ upbringing was not perfect, but it left him susceptible to depression and anxiety. Leslie H. Martinson, director of “Maverick,”James turned around to silently walk away and slammed his fist into a wall or a board. 

Gigi claimed that her father never brought his troubles home. He was never one to complain, but he always dealt with things calmly. 

BeingJames Garner wasn’t an easy guy. His fans thought of him as an actor who delighted them with his performances in movies. But to Gigi, he was just a simple actor. “dad.”She TelledCloser Weekly 

“To me, he was just my dad. He wasn’t perfect — no one is — but he was a great dad and we were always very close.”

James Garner, actor, poses for a portrait in Los Angeles in 2004. | Photo: Getty Images

Gigi is determined keep her father’s legacy alive, and to give his followers a glimpse of him via her social media channels. She expressed her desire for people to get to know her father in real life, not as a fictional actor or TV personality. 

Gigi insists that her father was not like the characters he portrays on television. He had many personalities, she explained. Had a different mindset and went about things differently, even in Hollywood. 

James died at 86 on July 19, 2014, after suffering a massive heart attack caused by coronary artery disease. 


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