Clayton Echard Gives a Rose Back

Season 26 of The Bachelor Premiered Monday night when Clayton Echard was able to meet the women who were trying to win him over. It heads into week 2. Reality Steve Fans wanted to know all spoilers, he was able to share them. It’s been a while since he has been able to spoil the show episode by episode. Find out who Clayton will send home next week by reading on. One lady will be leaving the house in a dramatic fashion. Warning! Warning!

What’s the bottom line for Clayton Echard Week 2 The Bachelor?

According to Reality Steve This week Group dates will be offeredWith a birthday theme. Children will be invited to the date. The group date rose is at stake. Cassidy Timbrooks appears to be the one who will get that rose. This assures her safety at the rose ceremony.

Clayton Echard will be taken on a one-on-one helicopter ride with Susie Evans. They will both land on a yacht, where they can relax and swim after jumping from the boat. From episode 1, fans can see that Clayton is obsessed with Susie. She does win the rose.

Clayton Echard via YouTube

Another group of women will compete in the next date Bachelor Style obstacle course. Lucky Sarah Hamrick won the obstacle course. Steve thinks Sarah also received the group date rose.

Next comes the drama at the after-party. Shanae begins to have problems with the other women. Elizabeth is her first target. It isn’t a secret either that they do not like one another. They will have an argument.

Clayton takes a rose from a safe contestant

This week’s cocktail party is heated. Cassidy Timbrooks appears to have been texting while in quarantine, waiting for filming. They took her phone and she was allegedly doing this until then. Clayton received the news.

Obviously, Clayton doesn’t like what he heard about Cassidy. Because she has a group rose, technically she was safe. Clayton, however, decides to ask her back for the rose and sends her home at a cocktail party.

At the rose ceremony, three additional ladies are sent home. Ency Abedin (Kate Gallivan), and Tessa Tookes are the three ladies who were sent home.

Moving forward, the drama will heat up. What do you think of Clayton’s season so far? Who is your favorite woman?

Keep checking back for more spoilers.



Clayton Echard Gives a Rose Back
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