Classmates Bully 10-Year-Old Girl for Her Natural Hair, She Responds with Inspirational Video

Children can be mean, and the school playground is often full of bullies. When a 10-year-old encountered a group of kids that didn’t like her natural hair, she responded powerfully. 

When a Nashville youngster went to school in 2019, she received a few negative comments from her peers. They questioned her natural hair, which didn’t make her feel good about herself.

Promise Sawyers returned home, where her mother reaffirmed her. Qui Daugherty reminded her daughter about her worthiness and encouraged her to ignore the bullies. 

Promise Sawyers shares an inspirational poem online [left]; Sawyers flaunts her beautiful natural hair [right] | Source: &


Sawyers took Daugherty’s words to heart and returned to school the following day with confidence but first, she secretly recorded a message on her mother’s phone.

When Daugherty discovered the clip, she posted it on Facebook, and it quickly gained attention, with many applauding the young girl and her mother.


In the video, Sawyers told people about her bullies and that they made her feel “some kind of way.” She revealed that she chose to go back to school with an even bigger afro than the previous day.

She would not allow them to get her down. Sawyers also had a powerful message for everyone, and she stated

“Don’t allow anyone to steal your joy. Don’t give them that much power.”

Now, Sawyers has an Instagram page where she shares motivational content. Her clip has been viewed millions of times, and she was invited to the Kelly Clarkson show.

Her profound words undoubtedly struck a chord with many. Proud mom Daugherty revealed that she always surrounded her child with inspiration and affirmation. 


Meeting negativity with positivity is something Sawyers was taught at home, and it showed in her graceful confidence. Despite the bullies’ comments, she could bounce back quickly because she was secure in her identity. 

The family had no idea how many people the clip would reach, and the feedback humbled them. Daugherty shared that they are not focused on the numbers.  

She indicated that all they want is to be impactful and inspirational to people, something they are undoubtedly succeeding in. Users were grateful for the message they shared, and one person said: “You are beautiful just as you are queen.”

Others praised Daugherty for how she was raising her daughter. A netizen wrote: “I love that your mom is always lifting your spirit with words of affirmation. Do you, darling, and the rest will follow.” 


Bullies will look for any reason to bring other people down. Josie Desgrand was another girl who faced mean comments from people at school. She was overweight and received constant negativity because of how she looked.

In 2018 she decided to turn her life around and proved the bullies wrong. She changed her eating habits, started to exercise, and reached her goal weight within a year—just in time for prom, where she stunned everyone. 

Stories like Desgrand’s and Sawyers’ are an inspiration and proof that positivity is the best way to respond to bullying. Both actively encourage people online and don’t give any attention to the naysayers. 


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