Clarence and Jacqueline Avant’s terrified neighbors fear ‘out of control’ crime wave after music mogul’s wife shot dead

TERRIFIED residents have told how the neighborhood where music mogul, Clarence Avant’s wife was shot dead in their home has been hit in recent weeks by LA’s “out of control”Crime wave

Cops responded just after 2:20am on Tuesday night after Jacqueline Avant, 81, was attacked at the couple’s $7.3 million home in the wealthy Trousdale Estates area of Beverly Hills. 


Jacqueline Avant was gunned down in her home with Clarance Avant.Credit: Getty
Police say the neighborhood where the couple lives had been hit with a recent crime wave


Police claim that the area where the couple lives was hit by a recent wave of crime.Credit: Coleman-Rayner

Clarence, 90, who was a star in the Netflix 2019 documentary, is killed in a tragic death. “The Black Godfather”In October, he was inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

PoliceIt was confirmed that the high-powered music executive as well as a security guard were at the home at the end a quiet cul de sac when the assailants entered.

Officials stated that it was too soon to tell whether the incident began as a home invasion, or burglary.

Mark Stanbrook, the chief of Beverly Hills police said Wednesday that the famous city is still being protected. “one of the safest in the nation”. 

Residents of Trousdale Estates claim that there have been numerous burglaries in the same area Jackie was shot. This has left the community on edge. 

One neighbor, who asked not to be named, told The Sun: “We were with the police all night long.”

They called Jacqueline “a wonderful person just amazing.”

It was said by a neighbor. “shocking”This could have happened in an area that is supposed be safe.

“There have been two break-ins nearby in the last few weeks but nothing like this,”They agreed. 

Despite all the break-ins, however the neighbor claims that everyone was still there “feeling okay”The neighborhood up until the robbery, which claimed Jacqueline’s life.

“I think it might be something else and not a robbery because how crazy do you have to be to go to a double cul-de-sac with a guard sitting there?”

Another neighbor, who also asked not to be named, said: “Jacqueline was a very nice lady.

“We would see her walking all the time but lately we haven’t seen the husband as much. Everyone in the area is now so scared and sad because of what happened.

“It’s crazy that this happened especially in Beverly Hills and in this neighborhood. A few houses down the street were robbed recently.”


Clarence was not injured in the invasion.

The LAPD admitted last week that there is an “ongoing crime trend”Following a series of so-called “follow-home” robberies in the area. 

LA was also hit hard by a spate of violent street robberies as well as brazen smash and grabs raids at high-end retail stores.

Jackie, a prominent philanthropist, was well-known for her support for the UCLA International Student Center.

She also served as president of Neighbors of Watts (a support group for South Central Community Child Care Center),

Jacqueline was shot in the head and her attackers fled when police arrived at her house. She was taken to Cedars-Sinai Hospital where she died later.

Clarence and Jacqueline were married 54 years ago and have a daughter Nicole (53), and a son Alexander (50).

Police confirmed that Clarence and a security guard were in the home at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac when the assailant or assailants broke in


Police confirmed that Clarence was with a security guard at the house when the assailant broke in.Credit: Coleman-Rayner
The couple had been married since 1967


They had been married since 1967Credit: Getty

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