City Officials in Malibu Raise Concerns Over Illegally Parked RVs – Los Angeles

Malibu has become a place where illegally parked vans and RVs are a regular sight.

The city and a program for homeless assistance are teaming up to tackle the problem.

According to officials from the Sheriff’s Department as well as city leaders, these vehicles are causing problems for traffic and pedestrian safety on Pacific Coast Hwy.

The People Concern sent out outreach workers to offer medical care, treatment for drug addiction, and a safe parking spot away from the coast.

“The people who are homeless are living in their RV and it’s a comfortable situation,”Zack Coil, The People Concern. “They have some of their amenities available to them and so what we are trying to do is strike up a relationship with them, get to know them, and see if they have other needs.”

Sheriff deputies have been on patrol since mid-June, stopping more than 100 illegally parked cars.


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