Chuck Todd’s MSNBC Show Has Just Been Downgraded

Meet the Press Daily Chuck Todd’s weekday version of the popular political talk show, won’t be on linear TV anymore. The Meet the Press spinoff is moving from its network platform on MSNBC, to its streaming platform NBC News NOW. This move is widely considered a demotion. NBC News Announcement Last week Todd’s weekly weekday show was one of several shows that were moving from MSNBC and NBC News to NBC News NOW. This new platform launched in 2019. This is the network’s way to increase its investment in the platform.

Todd hosts the weekly weekday edition of Meet the PressSince 2015, he has been a well-known political commentator on NBC for a long time. Named MTP Dailyfor a lot of that time, but will now go under the name Meet the Press NOWThe branding will be identical to the rest of the streaming services. Noah Oppenheim, president of NBC News, stated that the change was a win both for Todd and all viewers.

“NBC News is the leader in streaming news. Since our launch, we’ve been committed to delivering the best of NBC News’ journalism, free, to streaming audiences everywhere,”Oppenheim stated. “Chuck was one of the first broadcast anchors to see the massive potential of streaming and bringing Meet the Press‘s daily franchise to NBC News NOW reinforces the platform’s status as the destination for news on streaming.”

Todd will also have to adjust his schedule in order to switch from streaming. Meet the Press NOWThe program will air at 4 pm ET. ET instead of the 1 p.m. ET. It used to have an ET time slot on MSNBC. Chris Jansing will now have that hour for a new program. It is simply called MSNBC Reports.

NBC News NOW, an ad-supported streaming service, is available on a variety of platforms. It’s popular among viewers who use it as a streaming platform. “channel” on another streaming platform — particularly the NBC-owned Peacock. It’s also available on FuboTV. Pluto TV. The Roku Channel. Tubi. Xumo. YouTube. YouTube TV. The NBC News app. You can even access it directly from your Samsung Smart TV via Samsung TV Plus.

Still, many cable news outlets have had difficulty breaking into the streaming market. Many fans also predict that Todd will receive fewer viewers overall. NBC’s press release however highlights the successes of NBC News NOW over the last three-years. The company believes that there is more potential for streamers than is currently realized.


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