Christine Brown tries to trick ‘Sister Wives” fans with fake shot?

Christine Brown is still very close to formerSister Wives family member Janelle Brown. They love to share their best life together. Christine may be trying to pretend that she’s somewhere other than for the camera.

Christine Brown Leaves Her Sister WivesFamilies Behind

Christine and Kody were married for over 25 years. Prior to meeting Kody, she was the third spouse in a plural marriage. She didn’t want to be with her husband alone so she did not want to be a first-wife. A second wife was a wedge, so a third woman was the best option. Kody’s dream came true when he brought her into his family. She was a great peacemaker and made the perfect marriage. Kody openedly admitted to not being attracted from the beginning to Christine. He was horrified by her eating nachos, and they ended up having six children.

After a time, Christine realized her self-worth and the marriage began to fall apart. She was determined to put herself first. Kody wasn’t necessarily sympathetic to her questioning polygamy. Instead, he would make her feel inferior and insult her. He was a snitch. She thought about leaving him, but she never made the move. Christine decided to end the relationship after the pandemic had put the nail in her coffin. She returned to Utah where she found her true sparkle. While she loved Flagstaff, and Vegas was her favorite place to visit, Utah is where she felt her heart. Although she left Arizona, she finds herself back on her old balcony quite often.

Fake Photos

Christine Brown, a Flagstaff resident, officially sold her Flagstaff house on October 8th. Realtor.It was announced that the home had been sold for 700K. This indicates that the mother-of-six had left the state before she announced her divorce from Kody. YetShe just posted a photoStanding on her old balcony, Arizona. It wasn’t #WaybackWednesday, or #ThrowbackTuesday. It was a normal day, she was motivational and looked amazing.


While her followers may not have noticed her on her porch, they will be able to recall the balcony from her past postings. She loved to be outside and enjoy her life. It is now a big question: How did she return to her home after it was taken away from her? TLC made a deal to film scenes at the home with the new owners?


This raises another question. Are these photos old photos Christine took in Flagstaff when she lived there and are only now posting? It’s probably not that deep but one thing is for sure. She is a big fan of the balcony and porch.

These photos are old or new, do you think? Comment below to let us know your thoughts.


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