Chris Evans is open to a Marvel comeback amid MCU rumors

It’s not only Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) that fans want to see in the MCU again, despite the tragic events in Avengers: Endgame. Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), also died in the movie. Captain America (Chris Evans), retired at the end. RDJ’s return often comes up in rumors and leaks, especially considering that the multiverse can make it happen. But Chris Evans’s return to the MCU is also a recurring topic. In interviews, the actor spoke out about the speculation.

Before we dive into it, here are some facts. Below are spoilers for MCU Phase 4.

Marvel’s new Captain America

Before the Endgame premiere, Evan’s Steve Rogers was on a short list of MCU superheroes that Marvel would kill or retire at the movie’s end. Marvel eventually chose Tony Stark (Nat) to die in this film. Their sacrifices allowed the Avengers to defeat Thanos (Josh Brolin), once and for all.

EndgameAlso told the story of Steve Rogers’ final act as Captain America in MCU. The hero decided that he would retire to a different universe to wed the love of his lives, Peggy Carter (Hayley Awell).

Then the MCU Phase 4 told us that Steve Rogers isn’t dead. Chris Evans was not featured in any MCU movie or TV show that Marvel has released in the last two years. Steve Rogers was mentioned, particularly in The Falcon and Winter Soldier. That’s where we learned that Cap is a source of speculation on the planet. The world doesn’t know where he is.

We also saw Steve Rogers references. Far from Home, HawkeyeAnd Ms. Marvel. Chris Evans maintained that there weren’t any cameos and that it was unlikely that the character would be recast. Even Loki made us rethink Cap’s retirement.

After all, we have a new Captain America, Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson, who will appear in the franchise’s fourth installment.

The new Captain America suit was revealed in the outfit of Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie). The Falcon and Winter Soldier finale. Source: Marvel Studios

Is Chris Evans going to be back in the MCU?

Chris Evans will be discussing Steve Rogers in his interviews, particularly considering the rumors that Marvel may want Evans to return to MCU for certain stories. And considering that Evans’s LightyearThe actor is currently in theaters. He was on press tour for the past few weeks.

That’s where he talked about a return to the MCU. He actually spoke about two roles that he could take on. Fans will be able to recall that Chris Evans played Johnny Storm long before he was chosen for the Captain America role. He was a member of the Fantastic Four in the version that predated the MCU.

Chris Evans’s reply to a possible Captain America return

The actor We spoke to ComicBookAbout playing Cap again in MCU.

“That seems to be something people would like to see,”Chris Evans made the remarks while speaking to MCU fans who were curious about how Cap returned Infinity Stones. Endgame. But the actor isn’t quite ready for a return to the MCU.

“I don’t want to disappoint anybody, but it’s tough to… It was such a good run, and I’m so happy with it,” Evans said. “It’s so precious to me. It would have to be perfect. It just would be scary to rattle something that is, again, so, so dear to me. That role means so much to me. So, to revisit it, it would be a tall order.”

That said, we’re not looking at a definitive “No”It did in past interviews.

Fantastic Four teaser from Marvel movies promo clip
Clip promo for Fantastic Four from Marvel Movies Image source: Marvel Studios

What are you waiting for? Fantastic Four?

But now that the multiverse is bridging the MCU, Sony’s Spider-Man universe, and the Fox universe of Marvel stories, the Fantastic Four, including Chris Evans’s Johnny Storm, are part of this massive interconnected universe. Evans may be more excited to return to the Fantastic Four universe that Captain America.

Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness gave us a look at Marvel’s first Fantastic Four member. Mister Fantastic (John Krasinski), briefly made an appearance in the movie. However, he was killed by Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen). That’s not to say that Krasinski will play Reed Richards in the MCU’s primary reality.

Marvel will not tell a story about the Fantastic Four, but the multiverse would theoretically allow it to visit other universes in which the Fantastic Four have existed. Chris Evans seems to be more excited to see his Johnny Storm version than Cap.

He stated the same in a separate interview during the LightyearPress tour. He also stated that no one reached out to him to play the role of Fantastic Four again.

“I would love it,” Evans said. “That would actually be an easier sell to me than coming back as Cap.”

“Cap is so precious to me,”He said, “and I almost don’t want to disrupt what a beautiful experience that was. But Johnny Storm, I feel like he didn’t really get his day. That was before Marvel really found its footing. So I loved that role, and, you know, who knows…”He concluded.

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