Chocolate Company Apologises After Backlash For Leaving Advent Calendar Day Empty To Highlight Slave Labour


A chocolate company has been forced to apologise after causing upset by leaving an advent calendar door empty to highlight slave labour policies.

Tony’s Chocolonely is aiming make all chocolate 100% slave-free, citing ‘modern slavery on cocoa farms in West Africa’ as a result of the ‘unequally divided cocoa chain’.

So, it’s not really surprising that one of its fair trade advent calendars would promote its mission somehow. However, the decision to leave a single calendar door without any chocolate was slammed by parents across the country.

The Dutch firm’s £12.99 calendar attracted a slew of complaints from furious mums and dads. ‘Calendars are for children and tears before school is not ideal. If you want to make a statement, advise (the calendar is) for adults/older children only,’ one wrote.

‘I don’t feel I need to be taught a lesson by my advent calendar. You’re rather preaching to the converted here,’ another commented. ‘Well done to Tony’s Chocolonely, who produced an advent calendar with no chocolate behind one window and made children lose their sh*t before going to school in an attempt to something something inequality,’ a third wrote.

‘My eight-year-old daughter was in floods of tears at the disappointment. She has ADHD and is awaiting a possible autism diagnosis, so what seems like small upsets to others are a big deal to her,’ another wrote.

While it’s been praised by some parents, Tony’s Chocolonely has since published an apology. ‘Unfortunately, we failed to consider the difficulties empty windows can cause for neurodivergent children and adults. We have more to learn in considering how we can make our products as inclusive as possible,’ it said, as per the MailOnline.

‘At Tony’s we use our products to tell the story of an industry unequally divided and choc-full of inequality.’


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