China Charged With Forcing Families to Live in Metal Boxes ‘Quarantine Camps’


The social media sharing of footage appears to offer a glimpse into “so-called” criminal behavior.  ‘quarantine camps’China is the home of ‘millions’are believed to be locked down 

The videos that are making the rounds online show a dystopian scene featuring dozens of white metal boxes arranged in rows, while white protective clothing is worn outside.

Although the cubicles are shown in one video, they appear to be on the grounds at a stadium. However, posts suggest that there could be many locations with different quality. According to some reports, extreme lockdown measures have been taken in response to a rise in coronavirus infections just before the Beijing Winter Olympics.

One video claims it was taken from within one of the metal buildings. The occupant shows that the building contains one bed and a small bathroom.

Another picture shows staff leaving food trays outside the units. Staff are dressed in protective clothes. A third photo shows a child looking through bars at a window. ‘Sometimes kids will be locked alone without their parents guardianship.’

The cited Twitter user is one New York PostClaim ‘millions’Many people were relocated to these camps to try to curb the spread coronavirus.

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Earlier this month, BBC News reported that residents in the Mingde 8 Yingli housing compound in the Chinese city of Xi’An individual was told that they must leave their home and report to quarantine immediately after midnight on January 1.

Although it is unknown how many residents were told to leave, one online commenter claimed that as many as 1,000 people were moved into quarantine. Affected resident posted the comment and it was cited by BBC NewsAccording to a claim, there was ‘nothing’The facility is ‘basic necessities’.

They went on: ‘Nobody has come to check up on us, what kind of quarantine is this? They did a big transfer of us, more than a thousand people, in the night and many of us are elderly people and children. They didn’They did not make the right arrangements and just placed us carelessly. [here].’

Footage allegedly taken from the facilities comes after authorities in Xi’an enacted drastic measures in the city, which fell at the centre of China’s latest coronavirus outbreak. All 13 million people were instructed to stay inside and not to leave the city to purchase food or other supplies. BBC News reports.

There are high hopes that the virus will be contained before the Olympics, which begin February 4.


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