China announces plans to launch its own space telescope, as the race for Mars and Moon heats up with the US

CHINA has announced its aerospace plans over the next five year, intensifying its space race to the United States.

In a new whitepaper, the Chinese State Council revealed last week its plans for space exploration.


China unveiled its five-year plan to explore space.

This document outlined Beijing’s plans for the next five-years, and included steps it would need to take to be the dominant aerospace sector.

China has two major goals: to launch its own space telescope, and to complete its space station.

The space telescope, which is currently under development, is called Xuntian, or the Chinese Space Station Telescope (CSST).

The CSST is expected have a 2 meter (6.6 ft) diameter primary mirror and a 300-fold larger field of view than NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.

A telescope with a wide field of vision would be able to view up to 40% of the sky for ten years.

If everything goes according to plan, the telescope will orbit Earth in conjunction with the Chinese space station. It will also be able periodically dock. 

“The telescope will be set up in an optical module that can fly independently in orbit for a higher efficiency of space probe,”Zhou Jianping, the chief designer for China’s human-spaceflight program, China Central Television, MarchLast year.

“Meanwhile, we will make it fly approximately in common orbit with the future space station. This will help us refuel the telescope and carry out in-orbit upgrade[s] for it, so as to always keep it on the level of an international frontier,”Jianping is now available.

CSST will launch in 2024.

Other notable missions in space include exploration of Jupiter, building a station on the Moon and returning samples from Mars.

China’s recent announcements highlight its real ambitions to surpass the United States in the field of aerospace superpowers.

China revealed plans to build a research station on the Moon last week.


China announced plans to construct a lunar research station last week.

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