Chicago P.D. Moments that Angered Fans

Some fans were a bit shocked at the unrealistic scenes that occurred in the very first episode. “Chicago P.D.”Characters behaved on the job. The premiere “Stepping Stone”In the latest installment, Jules Willhite and Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda), detectives, are on the trail of Pulpo, the vicious, armed killer. Willhite rushes into a building, pursuing her quarry. She ends up right in front of the criminal’s doorstep. She’s killed and shot through the door in seconds. Some fans were outraged that Willhite was clearly in danger and thought it was bad policing.

Reddit posting r/Chicago PDDiscussation titled “Standing in front of doors why?”User u/agizzayygastonHe cited his police credential when he objected to the scene, writing. “I’m a cop… the first episode LITERALLY THE FIRST the blonde cop gets shot standing in front of the door after knocking… I understand it’s a tv show but damn.”Redditor MAJOR KONGThe scriptwriters were blamed, he said. “Because writers? I have always thought that for such a prestigious unit the team members sure conduct themselves in an unprofessional manner.”User u/KimGrennanHe agreed and wondered if it was staged for shock effect. “Exactly my thoughts… Maybe they just do it when a disaster needs to happen for some drama.”

Regardless of why this scene was presented as it was, detective Willhite’s apparent death-by-rookie-error ranks as one of the “Chicago P.D.”Moments that anger fans the most


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